Around Our Yard.

I can't get enough.

Our yard and my garden and my baby walking all around, I just can't get enough of it. These days are getting good and better all the time. Moving this past month was kind of rough and I was getting overwhelmed with all of it, but finally, things have calmed down and most of our stuff is in place. We still have a zillion little projects, but I'm not going to let that stop me from living in the moment. Because these moments are so sweet. Everett is walking and talking (you know, baby babbling, but still) and he makes himself crack up laughing and he tries to eat my mums and he's wearing JEANS. I could just die. His little diaper butt all squished into these Levis is just the end of the earth fun for me. This recent weather is pretty much bliss and I've been the cheesy mom as I followed my boys around the yard with the camera. We've had so much fun breathing in the autumn weather and relieving our skin of summer's humidity. And thankfully, Everett still thinks my camera is a novelty so he's letting me over photograph him. At least for now.


Ahhh I am reminded each and every day how blessed I am for these two twinner souls.

Do you have any grand plans for the fall? Tell me all the things you plan to do now that Autumn has hinted that it's just around the bend. Any festivals, activities, or getaways? I am always up for suggestions.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope your weekend is the grandest!

P.S. - Enjoy these internet papers so your desktop can dress up, the Anthropologie fall housewares line is making me swoon, and I'm actually starting to read this book this weekend. Ridiculously excited, since I haven't read anything but parenting books and the bible in a year. Oh sheesh, I hope I remember how to vocationally enjoy a book.