Creating an Intentional October.

I'm going to get vulnerable with you.

I've found myself to be in a bit of a funk.

I'm not thoroughly unhappy with my life - in fact, I am far from that. But I find myself unfulfilled at the end of each day and I don't know why. I find myself frustrated as I clean the kitchen at night, annoyed while I brush my teeth, and unable to fall asleep because of all the to-do lists in my head. So I know that the problem is with me, and I need to make a change. Probably a few changes.

My Goal:
To be a healthier, happier me. So that I can give more love away to my family and so that I can create something special. Pursue dreams. Create areas for more fulfillment every single day. I'm contemplating right now - do I want to write a book? Do I want to start a small business? What do I want to do?? I'm not sure yet. But those things sure can't happen when I am frenzied and overwhelmed by menial to-do lists and exhaustion. So first, I must implement some changes and some discipline.

It's sort of like a diet. For the brain.

What's YOUR Goal?
Do any of you feel this way? Are there things holding you back in your personal day, perhaps habits or routines that are just sucking up your time and leaving you feeling underaccomplished? Are there things you keep telling yourself you're going to do, but then you just never get around to it?

I am proposing that you join me in this Intentional October journey.

What does that look like?
We all create our plan, and then check in each week with how the disciplines are going. You can post a comment here on the blog, tag #intentionaloctober on instagram and get a conversation going on my Facebook. It's nice to have a community for accountability!

How Can I Get Started?
Determine your goal. And based on that goal, figure out what needs to be done to help you accomplish it. If the goal is to be happier and healthier, then a tactic might be "exercise 5 days a week" and "have 10 minutes of quiet time everyday". Make your list. Take some time to figure out what might be holding you back from accomplishing these tactics. For me, I can never make myself wake up early enough to exercise when I stayed up the night before. So in order for me to accomplish the whole "exercise early in the morning" thing, I also have to make sure to get a ton of sleep the night before, which means going to bed earlier, etc. So one positive change leads to another and another. But I think I can do it. I know I can. And if you're with me, and you're ready to make some changes in your life, we can do it together! It helps to create positive change when you know there is someone else out there going after a goal, too :)

I wanted to share this a few days before the month begins so that we all have time to wrap our heads around what Intentional October means to us. I am getting really excited and motivated. Check back here tomorrow - I will share the things that are holding me back from my goal, and the 7 tactics that I will be addressing this month. So take some time to think for yourself today and let's check in again tomorrow!