Reader Survey - Your Chance to TALK.

Happy Friday to you! Today I want to give you an opportunity to take a reader survey. As I develop content for 2016, I am very interested in what you think about my little corner of the internet. I want to know more about who you are, why you read Oy! and what kind of content you would love to see here in the future.

Take the Oy! Reader Survey Here.

To be completely honest and transparent with you, this blog has just grown. When I first started blogging in 2012, I had no plan for it, other than to share with my friends and family what my post-college life was like in freezing cold Boston while we lived there. As we have moved cities and the years have grown us, this little personal journal has expanded its reach and allowed me some really surprising and exquisite opportunities.  I love partnering with rad brands and bringing them in front of you, I love hosting giveaways for you and I love the opportunity to grow myself as a writer. I love sharing the celebrations and challenges, I love encouraging you and I cherish the encouragement I've received from you. Blogging has been one of the most vulnerable exercises in discipline, creativity, consistency and responsibility. I never would have imagined that I would be a blogger - an oversharer on the Internet! But. It isn't really that to me - it's truly become something so much richer, more valuable and more fulfilling that I could have ever conjured. I've forged delightful relationships with people all around the world, discovered the powerful camaraderie of this community (that's you!) and had the privilege of delving into new pools of opportunity by partnering with brands and writing for other publications. I never would have thought blogging would take me on this path. But here I am! And I intend to keep doing this for as long as it makes sense and brings me immeasurable joy.

As this forum grows, I want to make sure you know how important you are to me. You, who have been part of this journey for the past 3 years or for the past 10 minutes. Your engagement speaks volumes to me. Remember, I'm the one on the other side of this screen, often pouring my heart out in essay form and meticulously editing photos. You are the one who has gotten to know me and my family pretty darn well. But I don't have the privilege of knowing you on that same level. I want to! I want to know what's going on in your head and your heart.

Which is why I created this survey. I want to hear from you - what do you love about this space and what do you want more of? What do you want less of? Yes, I want you to tell me! This is your time to weigh in (although you always have the opportunity to weigh in, that's what those comment boxes are for :) Just remember, I am a real person, and I have feelings, so be gentle with your suggestions and input. If you would take a few minutes to fill out this anonymous 10-question survey, I would really love it. If I could buy you a fancy whipped latte treat while you take it, I totally would. I can't really do that for all of you. But I can promise - I will read every response and forge my direction in a way that is honest. I trust that you understand this space must evolve to stay fresh and relevant. I want that and I want you to be part of that growth. If I haven't gushed over you enough, please hear my message: I want you. I love you. Take my survey as if it's a bouquet of internet flower seeds and trust that I will grow that mess of flowers for you.

Without further adieu, thanks for engaging and taking this Oy! Reader Survey. A virtual round of your favorite Starbucks beverage is on me :)