My 8 Must-Haves for the 2nd Trimester.

This pregnancy has been so weird. I oscillate between feeling really grateful and really over it. The good thing that I keep reminding myself is that I know what is on the other side of this experience - a sweet, delicious smelling newborn straight from Heaven. I am really looking forward to the newborn stage (don't quote me on that when I'm sleep deprived), because I know that I can look forward to it. I was so freaked out and on edge the first time around with my son, because he was colicky and cried all night long. And all day too. I felt like I had to be doing something wrong. But this time around, I feel like I will actually be able to enjoy those sweet, snuggling moments a whole lot more.

However, I am not there yet. I am currently in the home stretch of this pregnancy, but the items below were discovered and thoroughly enjoyed in my second trimester. Many of them have carried over into this third trimester, too.

1. Mason Jar of Water.
I'm treating hydration like it's my job these days. Because if I falter even a little bit, I am experiencing contractions a lot a bit. My goal is to drink four of these 32-oz. jars a day. It helps to add a bit of mint and lime, or lemon and cucumber. It also helps that it has a fun straw :)

2. Blanqi Support Belly Band.
I might cry a little while I talk about this one. After coming home from New York, I knew I had to do something about the insane pressure down under. I researched maternity belts and got scared. Those things look like they should be used in terrorist torture. Then I found the Blanqi site and drooled over all the support wear they offer - finally landing on the band for everyday wear. It has made SUCH a huge difference, I can actually walk around throughout the day and not feel like my baby is falling out.

3. Lavender Essential Oil (for diffusing).
I have been a long-time attempter of essential oils, and I have no answer in regards to which brand is best. But I do know that I feel a difference when I diffuse oils in my bedroom at night. This particular oil has been on rotation lately to help me sleep better. I also like to throw some eucalyptus in there from time to time, for funsies.

4. Deep Steep Chamomile Lavender Bubble Bath
My sisters gifted this decadence to me for my birthday and I am obsessed. I've started taking a warm bath every night at 9pm because it helps me sleep better. This stuff smells so good and is free of a lot of chemicals that other bubble baths have, so it's a big win in my book. My sisters are the sweetest.

5. Jarro-dophilus Probiotic.
Keeping things regular over here, with this handy dandy probiotic. Get you some.

6. Magnesium Spray.
This is probably a weird one, but with all the contractions I've been experiencing, I have been willing to try anything that will help. A few friends mentioned that I might need to take a magnesium supplement, and this is a spray-on version. It's like putting on lotion!

7. Nike Tennis Shoes.
All day, every day. These days I need support like you need air to breathe. In fact, I should probably get another pair of sneakers.

8. Bare Minerals Gel Nude Lip Color
Because when you're sweaty, hefty and hemorrhoid-laden, you need something in your life to remind you that you were once a cute girl. Lipstick is doing that for me these days, friends. Loving these nude matte shades from Bare Minerals.

Anything that helped you mamas out during the second and third trimesters? Because the need for support/input/encouragement these days is REAL. xox.