Gearing Up for Gilmore Girls.

I can't withhold my excitement any longer.

The day is coming, the one we have truly, all been waiting for. November 25 this year shall be known as Black Friday second, and Gilmore Girls Day first and foremost. There will be coffee (duh - "coffee coffee coffee!"). The will be cinnamon rolls. There will be a breakfast casserole of some kind, because I'm making it and I will need the sustenance to uphold the hyena-like hyperness in my heart. There will be my sister, there will be my mother. There will be Stevie, pretending to roll his eyes but in actuality, really engaging. Let's face it, he's a Gilmore Girl, too. When he got in a relationship with me, he committed to watching this series on the regular until he had seen it far too many times to number. Spoiler alert - he's on team Luke. Okay, that's not much of a spoiler alert. Every dude I know is team Luke.

What do you hope will happen in the reunion? Are you team Luke or team Christopher? Are you team Jess, team Dean or team Logan? Or team "Rory on her own in the big bad real world"?

My Hopes + Opinions + Predictions for the Revival:

- I don't care if you hate me for this - I'm team Logan. I'm team Logan, people! And you might think its because he's blonde and I married a blonde, but nay. I'm team Logan because those two had the healthiest kind of communication out of all her beaus and actually worked through their immature issues together (remember when she wrote that snarky article about his company launch party? And they actually had an adult heart-to-heart about how they hurt each other's feelings? Brave communication happening there, so good.)

-I predict that Rory ends up with Jess. Let's be honest, Jess is in a hit TV show this season and how did he possibly resurrect his career after 10 years without leveraging to producers the fact that he takes home the lead in the GG revival? I think it's obvious. People like her with Jess (why oh why??!), I just think he's a little whiny and too wrapped up in his own shortcomings to really bolster her in her dreams. Not that I've thought about this a lot or anything.

- I am so excited they worked it out to have Sookie back. I want to see her create all sorts of baked goodies in that kitchen of hers, preferably in copper cookware. And I want to see her and Jackson argue over the produce again. And maybe find another kind of narcotic randomly growing in their field.

- I want to see Lane and Zack engaging in family band shenanigans with their twins. But I also want Gil's hair there. So perhaps a full-on Hep Alien reunion is in order. Which is totally going to happen (I've seen the trailers).

- I want to see Paris eating the heads off of her medical school counterparts, while simultaneously contributing to The New York Times as a political consultant. Just because, you know, SHE CAN.

- KIRK. I want to see him with cats, I want to see him debating a breakfast of bagels or muffins or pancakes, I want to see him working nineteen-thousand jobs all over town. I want to see him at the next Taylor Dosey. I want to see him in a cat costume with a bow tie.

- I want to see Luke and Lorelai living in the Twickam house. Is anyone else really, really bummed that she shoo'd that opportunity away? Imagine the holiday decor on that dreamy front porch. Sigh.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN, PEOPLE??? I am so excited. So so so excited. On Black Friday at 9am EST, I will be hunkered down in my living room, Christmas tree lights aglow, with a smattering of treats all around, and pressing those fateful buttons on the Apple TV remote to enter into Gilmore Girls domain. I shall not unearth until the reunion is finished. If you want to be a part of the fun, let's meet on on Instagram Stories (@oykristen) and share our Gilmore excitement!

P.S. - If you know anything about Gilmore Girls, you know why my blog has it's name. This is a true celebration for us all!

P.P.S. - How cute is the print in the photograph? You can snag one of your own from my friend Jenny Highsmith here, she is so crazy talented. My house is full of her work.