Baby #2 - 34-Week Bumpdate.

How Far Along: 34 weeks. My goodness.

Gender: BOY.

Name: Everett calls him by name and it melts me.

Sleeping? Sometimes! Sometimes I sleep terribly and sometimes, like last night, I slept like a baby. I appreciate the cooler temperatures these days, I think it helps with the sleep :)

Eating: So, the no-sugar mission has turned a challenging corner. Halloween teased me, I finally had to throw all the candy away because it was a temptation. Not because I want tons of sugar, but just a little here and there semi-regularly. Oh, and I want hot chocolate with marshmallows. I just WANT it. And I'm not a big self-deprivation person because I don't think that's psychologically healthy, so I give in here and there. But I know when I am eating completely clean, I feel better and lighter. So it's a tough balance. Also, tacos are a thing right now. Give them. And lots of crushed ice in my water. I've been chomping on ice like its my job. I know it's not good for my teeth, but it just feels so good...

Emotional Check: I've finally accepted that this pregnancy is completely different from my first, and it's just okay. Even though I'm still having contractions semi-regularly, I feel peace in my heart that this baby isn't coming out too soon. I've also been making positive, out-loud declarations over my body and this baby, and I really believe in the power of those words. Re-reading sections of my pregnancy books has also helped ease my heart a bit, and remind me what I am about to have to do - give birth! P.S. my book list from the first pregnancy here.

Movement: Whoa, yes. He must be so long because there are moments (like all the time now), where I feel him poke in two places simultaneously that are faaaaar apart, like the top of my right rib and the bottom left corner of my hip bone. He is reaching for the stars in there. Too bad he's bumping up against my lungs and bladder and whatnot.

Looking Forward to: Oh, I am in the stage now where I am just enjoying each day as it passes. I am really soaking in my moments with Everett, cuddling on the couch and watching Mickey Mouse. Wandering through the Christmas section at Target and letting Everett pick out ornaments while also getting covered in glitter (it's not Christmas violation if you're giving birth at Christmas, we have to prep early over here.) Finishing up little things in the baby room, ordering last-minute items online, continuing to add to my hospital bag, which is at the foot of my bed. All these things are still in preparation-mode, but I feel a shift from the frantic feelings I had a month ago, and now I'm just sort of relaxed in my heart a bit more. He is going to come when he comes. And it will be exactly as it should be.

I can't wait to snuggle my baby, you guys. I actually know all the good things to look forward to this time around, and I am dwelling on that anticipation.