Toddler "Big Boy" Bedroom Reveal!

Oh, this is a fun one. I shared a few weeks ago that we have been slowly putting together my 2-year-old's "Big Boy" bedroom. He has been so excited with anticipation during the entire process. Before we even moved him over into the room, he would come into the room and play with his toys on the floor while I worked on hanging curtains and folding laundry. We talked in depth about how he was trading in his crib for a big boy bed, and how his crib would be going to the new baby in the family. I really wanted him to feel like he was being promoted into his new room, not kicked out of his old one. So we worked on making the space intentional and special, and a little more grown up for this seriously fast growing toddler of mine :)

I am so excited to share this space with you today, because it feels like a really special victory for our family. Everett has been sleeping and living in his new big boy bedroom room for a few weeks now, and he has adapted beautifully to the new routine and set up. I keep pinching myself that we don't find him wandering aimlessly around the house in the middle of the night - I don't think he's really aware that he has that power yet. We will keep him in the dark (no pun intended) about that one for as long as possible!

How cool is this map? It marks all the national parks in the States. I was pleasantly surprised to count on more than one hand the ones Stevie and I have visited together - of course, that was all before we started having kids. Now we have to start over and all go together! Because - BOY FAMILY. I see many a camping trip in our future.

We were given a beautiful twin trundle bed when we moved into our house last year, and I have been holding onto it with glee for the day that I could use it in Everett's room. I am excited that he will have a fun place for cousins to come over and have sleepover parties :) We also bought a few sets of these sheets to cover both of the mattresses, plus a back up, for when we really get to potty training. I'm not a huge fan of the guard rail that we put on, because it's not aesthetically the most pleasing (and because I can't properly tuck his comforter in), but safety first! We went with this universal option, since almost nothing works well with a trundle bed.

These are actually picture ledges but we layered all his favorite books on the shelves instead. He loves scooting his stool over to this area and picking out books from the top shelf. Anything that seems like a challenge, right? Also, the picture above the books is a prayer for Everett, a gift from before he was born. Good stuff.

Eventually, there will be a trailing plant growing out of that planter! I only planted it a few weeks ago.

That's Mister Fox. He guards the Honest Company goods.

I love this little picture wall - it's the life of Everett thus far! A custom name print by Jenny Highsmith, his first ultrasound photo, a gifted print from my BFF Natalie and a sweet month-by-month frame of his first year from Pottery Barn.

Stevie caught us in our bedtime routine last night, and even though the pictures are fuzzy, I really love them. Me and my big boy in his big boy room.

Everett's favorite things about his new "big boy" room":
- His "shapes" (garland - picked out in the Target party section!) that hangs above his bed.
- His toy bins. He didn't have any toys in his baby nursery, so this is a real treat.
- His bedside lamp - he loves clicking it on and off by himself. It's fun to watch him feel so powerful.
- His "babies" (stuffed animals) - he gets to pick out two to sleep with every night. Which totally turns into 4, because I'm a softie.
- He especially loves using his stool to pick out books and get into his rather high trundle bed.
- He just loves talking about his big boy bedroom. And he's very interested in other people who have "big boy/big girl" bedrooms. When we meet new people, he always asks me if they have a big boy room, too.

1. Target Arrow Curtain Rods
2. IKEA SANELA Curtains
3. Target Crocodile Crossing Sheet Set
4. Target Yellow Stitch Comforter Set
4. Target Hanging Terracotta Planter
5. Target Fox Throw Pillow
6. Ikea Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser
9. Target Bear Throw Pillow
10. Target Garland, found here, others are the "Spritz" brand found in the party section (I couldn't find the links online)
11. Target Pillowfort Laundry Hamper
12. Best Maps Ever Map of U.S. National Parks
13. Retro Art Prints Wooden Picture Hanger
14. Target Threshold Picture Ledge

Thanks for letting me share this special milestone for our whole family! I kid you not - Stevie said to me the other day, "I feel like Everett's bedroom is nicer than ours." I just laughed at him. It's not necessarily nicer, it's just had a lot more thought put into it. The bedrooms in our house are tiny, so I had to get intentional with how everything would flow in his small space. Especially with the large furniture we were working with. And I still wanted it to feel airy, clean and simple, while still functioning for all the different needs we have. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, although I can't have a husband jealous of his son's bedroom - so I think some extra intention needs to go into our own bedroom next!

Any advice for decorating and streamlining the space for a toddler bedroom? How did your kids adapt to changing rooms and transitioning into a toddler/twin bed?