3 Ways to Style Unwashed Hair.

I am so grateful to the lovely Lauren, blogger over at Blissful Happenings and momprenuer at Rocco+Norah, for guest posting here today. As I take some time with my new baby love, I am sharing some posts from esteemed and treasured blogging friends, and Lauren is one of those! So excited to feature her witty voice (+ hair hacks) here!

As a general rule of thumb I only wash my hair once a week. I'd like to say that it has something to do with creating texture and not overworking and drying out my hair... and while that's got some to do with it, the whole "keeping a toddler and infant alive" is really more to blame. Also, did I mention I'm lazy and tired?! Yeah, that too.

Now I know your thinking this boo is cray, she must wear her hair up all the time and to that I say a resounding NOPE. In fact, I rarely wear my hair up even on the dirty and oiliest of days. Don't get me wrong I love a good mom bun, but here are my 3 go to styles.

1. Dry shampoo and side swipe.
My dirty flipped hair would make Kristen Stewart herself proud. This is my go to with hair that's a little bit oily, but not yet a hot mess. So the key to using your dry shampoo is spraying said shampoo into small flipped over sections of hair at least a foot away. Then let set and pat out any residue. Continue on to the next flipped section. Then choose a good section to make a hard part and flip over. The whole point is to have it look like you didn't try. If you must, throw on the curling wand and touch up the front pieces, but remember this is not about looking perfect. Think quinessential French messy hair!!

2. Half up top knot.
So once I can no longer handle the greasy side swipe I graduate to a Lil' top knot. I've recent chopped off all of my hair, but I loved this when my hair was waist length too because it was out of my face without the weight of 300 pounds of hair. I think this is the cutest and so easy to do. Take a section of all of the hair that gets in your way, you can make a small triangle from the crown of your head if you wanna get fancy. Twist. Secure with 2-3 hairpins. I prefer them to bobby pins. The trick is that you don't just toss in a pin straight, you start at a 45 degree angle pointing down and then once in the hair pull the pin up and wiggle it in so it gets lodged in the hair! Magic.

3. Hair Accessories.
Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't include my beloved turbans and hats. I love a good hair accessory and I couldn't do life without them. Hats. Hats. Hats. I love hats. I know some people get nervous at the thought, you just can't "pull them off"... my response, pish posh. Everyone can wear hats you just have to find one that fits and fake it until you make it. I promise a handful of times out of the house in a hat and you too will be hat person. I love ball caps, fedoras, wide brim, etc. basically all hats. I also love a fab little turban. Rocco + Norah mama turbans are basically my jam. (shameless plug) they look adorable and give you that I'm so chic and bohemian vibe that no one will be noticing your less than vibrant (ahem, dirty as all get out) locks.

Thanks for checking out my post. Hope this can help you through those trying days where your hair is the least of your cares or worries. #momlife, you've got this boos!!! To see more of my messy hair check out my Instagram and my (sometimes) blogging over at Blissful Happenings.