Springtime in Georgia.

Wearing: Banana Republic Heritage Floral Silk Ruffle Dress (c/o) in dark cypress & Eryn Heeled Sandal (c/o) in blue. Michael Kors pave ring. Necklace from a Boston street vendor. Anthropologie earrings (similar here). Photos by Rachel Hill.

These are the good old days.

I am realizing it only because I keep pinching myself. Like, is this weather really real?! The azaleas in Georgia during this fleeting span of a mere few weeks are second to no other charming southern foliage. Okay, I haven't seen the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. yet (it's on the bucket list!) but I will still argue this with anyone. Because the azaleas are a Georgia thing. Yes, they can grow elsewhere, but the great, humid state of Georgia is where these decadent shrubs comfortably sprawl out and revel in their decades of vibrant bounty. And the lifespan is short - the blazing shades of graceful rose, audacious coral and heated scarlet have a way of planting seeds into the sensations of your memory. Then after 3-4 weeks, they lose their flowering wonder, and elegantly defer to regularity once again. So these are the days, right now, to remember! This unapologetic breezy weather and saturated azaleas that are currently mid-bloom have me feeling all whimsical and hopeful that this season shift symbolizes more than just new growth in my backyard. Springtime is for more than just dreaming - its for action! This is the time to, quite literally, spring forward into motion on all those things that have been filling the to-do lists in my mind. No better time than the present to clean out my closet, clean up my desk, write the difficult posts that have been eluding me and continue chipping away at a few dreams.

Banana Republic was kind enough to send me this killer dress and shoes (how did they know I have a zillion weddings coming up??), which gave me the timely opportunity to try everything on and prance around outside in this coveted weather - taking captive the moment to really appreciate this season. Springtime, yes, but also THIS SEASON. The one I'm living. This season of young motherhood, of budgeting every dollar, of relentlessly writing and wondering if I will ever become everything I want to be. I live in this tension - and you probably do too - of hoping for more while trying really hard to appreciate everything I have right now.  I am so grateful for these gentle moments of reminder. It seems to me that we rarely ever know that we are living in the good old days. But as I take a moment to really ponder it, to feel the gratitude of the life I'm living, I wholeheartedly admit it. Standing in this silk dress, almost lost in the azaleas of my hometown, after so many tiring journeys and yet with so much life still before me - this is the truth. These are my good old days. And I intend to make good on them.

This post is sponsored by Banana Republic, who provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.