Christmas Gift.

Even though I've had months to process this news, I still find myself asking, "Are we really ready for this again?" This quickly expanding body and oscillating emotional rush has been exciting, exhausting, and starkly different from the last time around. This first trimester was largely a season of coping for my little family. Stevie traveled for work a lot, Everett ate a lot more chicken nuggets than I like to admit, and I did a fair amount of throwing up. #tmi?

Everett has been working on his brotherhood skills. Like lifting up my dress in public to "see baby" and "hug baby".

Stevie has been wrapping his arms around my expanding middle and praying for this little one's future.

I've been eating bagels. It's been a lot of bagels, guys.

It's a very good question, "Are we really ready for this again?" I guess the answer doesn't really matter, because it's happening! God has a really good track record for knowing better than me and giving opulent gifts that I must navigate how to handle. You know when someone gives you something so much richer, fancier and more perfect than you could have ever given them? That's me, that's my God, and that's this little wonder inside of me. Everett is the magnificent proof that I can do this. I was clueless, dumbfounded and a little ridiculous, and somehow a story of motherhood has woven itself so wonderfully into my life by way of his vivacious presence.

And speaking of gifts, this baby in my belly is coming home for Christmas. :) Oh December, we anxiously await you!