My 12 Favorite Summer Recipes.

Summer is the time for light fare and alfresco dining. Picnic meals, juicy bites here and there; snacks consisting of drippy popsicles and garden-fresh tomatoes and icy watermelon. I savor summer cooking and eating, incorporating those tantalizing fusions of citrus and pepper, barbecue and cilantro, acai and avocado. These ingredients are tailored for the messy canvas that is the summer kitchen - smeared cutting boards and smoky skillets and hissing barbecue creations with taste that lingers playfully on the tongue. I eat it up. Literally.

I'm grateful to finally, finally, be able to cook again. It's been a long three months of eating grilled cheese and English muffins and little else. With my renewed sense of appreciation for taste, I am gleefully flipping through my favorite old summer recipes, eager to savor everything sun-ripened and juicy-frozen.

Sharing a few of my favorite with you today. Happy tasting to you, friends. :)