Off to London!

We have a dear friend getting married in jolly old London next week, and I am so excited to dive across the pond and spend time celebrating this wonderful wedding! It is a 3-day Indian wedding, so I know the festivities will be gorgeous and lively and I am just so excited to be able to experience it! While it would be a blast to bring Everett, Stevie and I are treating this as our babymoon and leaving him in good hands back home. We are also going to be in 3 days of wedding events, which doesn't really scream "toddler friendly" - though I'll admit, I am getting reeeeeeally sad about leaving him. He's just so wonderful and funny and tender and the thought of spending a few days so far away from him is a little unnerving. Say a little prayer for my mama heart :)

Even though we will be really busy on this trip, I wanted to ask all of you if you have suggestions for places to go/see/eat/do. The last time Stevie and I were in London, we did a lot of delightful touristy things, like having high tea at Fortnum & Mason, seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theater, touring the London Natural History Museum, visiting the Tower of London, shopping (and eating!) at Borough Market, riding the London Eye, drooling at all the dresses in Harrods, lounging in Kensington Garden and trekking around Notting Hill. I would gladly do all of these wonderful things again because truly, this is a magical town, but I'm sure there are a slew of other places we should visit while we're visiting. I would love your suggestions!

Below are a few of my favorite pics from the last time we visited London. Oh, we were just babes then, living the adventurous pre-baby life and traveling like hippies around Europe with two backpacks and a Rick Steves travel guide. I wouldn't trade my life now for what we had then - but I'll admit, our Euro Trip was the best, most fantastically adventurous trip of my life.

Note our odd outfits - we were seriously running out of clean laundry.

I am so excited about this trip I am almost itching. I am such an anglophile (in other words, a typical American girl) and I am excited to don a Kate-Middleton-esque hat and get my tea on. Seriously friends, trip suggestions are appreciated! Thank you in advanced! XOX