Fish & Chips in Neal's Yard + Wandering Southbank.

If you aren't looking, you could miss it.

Neal's Yard can barely be described as an alley. It's a cozy triangular cove, off a quiet side street near Covent Garden, with every square inch of brick, stone and window pane painted in vibrant hues of happy. It's almost hard to photograph, because it's such a tight space and the beauty is really found in looking up. There are a bevy of pizza and cocktail options (seems like the perfect place for happy hour), along with an assortment of organic skincare and spa/massage therapy joints. We would have sat to stay a while, but we were on the hunt for some good London fish and chips, and by golly, we found it.

Rock and Sole Plaice was just around the corner, boasting a long history in London's Fish & Chip hall of fame. We sat outside and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. It was so peaceful, finding a shady corner of a side street to take in our vinegar (with a side of cod, can you tell I'm pregnant?)

We wandered through Covent Garden quickly, because it was super crowded and touristy, and managed to grab a shot of the gorgeous Savoy Hotel (above), where we attended a wedding the day before (also where I pretended to dress like Kate Middleton), and kept walking until we crossed the Thames on the Waterloo Bridge. It was that delicious time of night, the twilight hour where the sun turns everything soft gold and the water looks like molten charcoal, swiftly moving along. I love this stretch of Southbank, from the London Eye to the Globe Theater. There are restaurants lining the water, offering everything from coffee and tea to cocktails and popsicles, with lots of bikers, strollers and skateboarders weaving their way through the fray. We took in a show at the Globe Theater the last time we were in London, and it was one of my all-time favorite life experiences (they offer standing-room tickets for less than $10, and those spots are the best "seats" in the house!) However, this time around, I wasn't really up for being on my feet that long, so after the sun set we cabbed over to The Wosley for a late-night treat. I heard this place had an amazing high tea, and yes it's quite fancy, but there is a special seating area for people dressed down (like, not in coat tails), so we camped out there and took in some late night eats. We were proud of ourselves, for staying out late like grownups.

I loved this evening. It was quiet and we wandered at such a laid-back pace that it really felt like a break from the real world. It was a special time, just being the two of us in this romantic city. London, I love you.