Baby #2 - 28-Week Bumpdate + Hey 3rd Trimester!

How Far Along: 28 weeks. 7 months and entering the third trimester :)

Gender: Another boy. Oh my grocery bills.

Name: Yep! We've got a name!

Sleeping? So. Sort of. If I don't take a bath at night to unwind, then I can't sleep. There is something magical about the bath tub right now, so I'm not going to dare jinx it by not taking one every night. My sisters got me some really amazing bubble bath for my birthday this past weekend, and I am loving it so much. So I am really grateful for the tub these days :)

Eating: I'm actually trying to scale back the sugar in this final trimester. Apparently this is a big baby already (pray for me guys), so I don't want to add to the chunkiness by packing on the sugar pounds. If you have great healthy recipes for me, I am all ears. And perhaps some treats that feel indulgent but contain no sugar. It's going to be really hard to experience the holiday season without having a cookie here or there, but I really want to avoid giving birth to a 10-lb. baby if I can help it. So if I bake treats, I will immediately be giving them away this fall. You probably want to be my friend right about now, as I am currently littering my dining room table with fall recipes.

Emotional Check: Honestly, I'm officially a psycho. I don't really know another way to put it. I shared last week that I'm having to scale everything back for the remainder of this pregnancy, and I'm feeling frustrated about it. Sometimes I'm really positive and optimistic, but I definitely get hit with some feelings like "I just want to go run 5 miles right now!!!" and obviously I can't. I'm having to keep my feet up a lot and let other people do all my projects for me, which is just really grating. And then when I feel upset I get even more upset at myself for not remembering to be grateful for this baby and all the kindness and support I have around me and the short season that this is. Soon I know I will be cradling this little sweetheart in my arms and we will be back to figuring out how to exercise and meal plan and all that good stuff. So for now, I know I just need to chill. I'm just having some trouble with it. I can be honest with you, right? This pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop.

I do want to thank you guys for being so encouraging and supportive after last week's post. So many of you reached out on Facebook, Instagram, and the post and shared your experiences and it seriously brought so much hope to my heart. I loved all the suggestions of what to do from a resting position over the next few weeks - you guys are the best! I seriously cherish every comment, so thank you for taking the time to reach out. :)

Movement: Yes. I feel like I'm housing Thor up in here. He feels huge, he moves all the time, and if he keeps jabbing me in the you-know-what I'm going to have to discipline him in the first hours of his life.

I'm serious you guys. The movements aren't feeling like the sweet flutters of Heaven. They are a cross between feeling like contractions and a knife wound.

Looking Forward to: I was going to say ,"ending this pregnancy full-term!", but I want to be a little more positive than that. Obviously, everyone is excited for the changing of the season, and fall is such a dreamy time of year, so I am very much looking forward to cooler temperatures. We worked a lot in the back yard this weekend (by "we" I mean that I saw in my chair and told my husband where to plant everything), so now I have a special place to sip my coffee in the mornings and have prayer time, surrounded by herbs and vegetables and autumn flowers. I'm having to do a lot of self-encouraging these days, which is okay, it's good - it's just been a very unexpected month. That's just life sometimes though, right friends?

Here's to cooler temperatures and a full-term baby! What are you looking forward to for the fall season?

*The photo above is a bit of a lie. It was taken a few weeks ago so it's not an accurate portrayal of today's bump. I'll instagram one later today :)