Introducing My New Business!

Drumroll please... I have an announcement! Today I'm excited to shed some background about my new business venture!

Doterra Launch1.jpg

I have something to tell you. But let me first tell you why.

I grew up in a household that was health-conscious and active. My mom was having home births before they were trendy, she was buying organic groceries back when it was just plain weird and she was pouring over skincare ingredient labels before anyone else even knew that was a thing. She was always ahead of the curve, so far ahead that my immediate family often rolled our eyes at her crunchy-granola ways. Except for when we were sick - then we would let her anoint us with those hocus pocus essential oils, pray for our boo boos to be healed and cart us over to the chiropractor to get "re-set". She has always been a proponent of preventative healthcare measures, and even though I still like to tease her for being a quadruple-filtered water snob, I have to admit - my mom was right. That woman is always right! (We call her Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way.)

It's no surprise that since becoming a mother myself, I have gravitated towards taking those same holistic measures with my own family. Last November (exactly a year ago this month!), I purchased this Family Essentials kit from Doterra and I began my own journey into the world of essential oils. I was mystified at the difference these particular oils made in my family and myself - and the more I learned about Doterra's amazing commitment to purity in its products and transparency in its testing, the more passionate I became about these precious oils and sharing their profound impact on my life.

Doterra Launch4.jpg

Over the course of the past year, I have been using and loving my oils, while simultaneously learning about the science behind why they are so powerful. Over the past six months, I have found myself mixing up oil concoctions for my friends and family as they have mentioned ailments that they struggle with. It has simply been a joy to easily share these goodies with my loved ones and see their lives touched by a natural solution.

Last week I shared about my own postpartum journey as I have navigated the murky path of dealing with Postpartum Anxiety. I honestly believe that these oils came into my life just in the nick of time, as they have been a major player in keeping my physical and emotional state supported while I have walked an unsure postpartum road. The truth is that I have fallen absolutely in love with these fascinating little bottles of life-changing elixirs. Since we have implemented a daily household routine with our oils, they have supported my family's immunity, aided in my skin's recovery from having a c-section, supported and uplifted my emotional health, and met a myriad of my family's needs. Everything from bug bites, scrapes and stretch marks to headaches, anxiety and non-toxic household cleaning has been addressed by our essential oils collection.

Because of all of this, I am so excited to be launching my own Doterra essential oils business! This is my official launch week (!!!) and I am sharing all of this with you first because this blog community is where my heart is at! Every day this week on the blog I will be sharing snippets of my favorite uses for essential oils, so if you're interested in learning more, make sure to check back here often!

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I want to say an extra big thank all of you for following along this blog and being such kind, loyal readers. I wish I could hug every single one of you, truly. I really love this space and I feel grateful that this community has grown so richly in the 5 years since I started writing this blog. The content and direction of this blog will remain the same, although I will be sharing more wellness and essential oil-related content as I discover new uses for these products that I love. I just want you to know that the direction of this blog will continue to grow and evolve with me just as it has done in my previous adventures from Boston to New York to Atlanta, punctuated with motherhood & family shenanigans and peppered with fashion & beauty content. All the good stuff, along with an extra helping of my favorite wellness super heroes.

Want to Learn More?
And now for the good stuff! If you're interested in learning more about Doterra's essential oils, I would love to introduce you to them! I am hosting a few in-person educational classes this month and next month, along with several Facebook classes (for those of you who live far away or just love sitting in your jammies and learning the techy way!) I would be honored if you tuned in! Please email me - oykristen AT gmail DOT COM - and I will make sure to get you on the invite list! And for those of you who are interested in purchasing some essential oils, this month Doterra is offering 20% off several enrollment kits (I've never seen a promo this good - I like to think it's because this is the month I'm joining the company!!!) Along with that promo, this month I'm offering anyone who enrolls with me as a Wholesale Member an extra-fanciful welcome gift designed by yours truly, including: a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange, a luxe roller ball of my own custom calming blend, a premium sample pack from Doterra's personal care line and some of my favorite oil resources. If you would like to go ahead and learn more or make a purchase, click here and hit "JOIN AND SAVE".

Thanks again for all your support, friends!

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