My Funny Valentine, My Sweet Valentine, My Best Valentine.


This little guy makes me laugh so hard. He went to the store with his dad to pick out these flowers for me - and what a great choice! I love hydrangeas! Of course, this was all after his nap, which is why he is wearing pajamas bottoms. I just love him to pieces. He's seriously the funniest person and the things that come out of his mouth these days astound us. "You're my valentine, mom. And my teacher. " - what he told me when I picked him up from school yesterday.

What are you up to for Valentines Day? We aren't doing anything particularly special - I got Everett some stickers and a color book pack, which he lovvvvves. Target Dollar section is the jam! And pancakes are on the breakfast menu :) True story - Stevie and I busted into our Valentine chocolate last night because we both wanted some and I knew he had probably bought it. I was like, hey, can we have some of that chocolate you probably bought me? And he was like, yeah, let's. And then we watched re-runs of White Collar. Does anyone else re-watch old episodes of shows that aren't cool anymore? I can't help it - I love that Neal Caffrey.

I hope your Valentines is relaxed and cozy and a sweet reminder of the gorgeous souls in your life. Happy Day to you!

P.S. - We snuck into our neighbors yard to take these pics because they have all sorts of beautiful blooms happening. And also - these are my old jeans! I finally squeezed them over my hips! But I'll be honest -  they aren't zipped here at all :)