Kissing Summer Goodbye.


There is something so kind about summer. It feels like the season where anything goes, where you can be a bit messy and it won't judge you for it. You can mix up your calendar dates, spill a popsicle, forget to pack sunscreen, and Summer just smiles big and tells you to put your feet up. Summer is that friend that spontaneously invites you over to the pool, makes you a cocktail without asking, shares a beach hat and bug spray so you can stay outside longer and have a few more laughs. Summer is that good old friend, the one you don't have to explain your life to, the one who just gets you. The one who says, "Come as you are and stay longer than you planned."

It's hard saying goodbye to summer. But that's the thing that makes summer so deliciously sticky-sweet - we say goodbye so we can always have it to look forward to. Labor Day has come and gone, and even though the warmth will linger here in the south, summer will be kissing us goodbye very soon.

I guess it's time to start making that Fall bucket list, friends. After I have perhaps one more watermelon mint lemonade ;)