Red Candy Striper.

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Outfit Details:
Urban Outfitters Skimmer Cardigan (similar here and here), Sonnet James Reese Dress in Red, Sorel Tivoli Snow Boots, Diffusing Mamas Lotus Necklace

I scored this dress on sale during a December promo, and I keep finding reasons why I should wear it at least once per week. It's just so comfy and the color makes me feel really happy, like the happiest version of myself. It's perhaps the most versatile item in my closet right now. I've worn it with flats, heels, boots and with tights, under sweaters and completely by itself. I LOVE IT. I've had a long-standing adoration for Sonnet James since this brand started up a few years ago, and I truly think Whitney is an incredible artist with a powerful personal story. The motto of this brand is "Playful Dresses for Playful Moms", and I really connect with that mantra. I'm not always a playful mom, but when I remind myself of who I want to be as a mother, I am so much better at it. And everytime I put on a Sonnet James, I tell myself I am a playful mom! And then I'm happier and my kids are happier and then we usually eat ice cream because we're all just celebrating the happiness.

As for the dress itself - I love the fabric - it's a heavy-weight rayon blend and it just hugs the curves in a way that doesn't completely grab at your love handles, just nicely skims the bod so you feel like your best self. I'm serious when I say that I put this on and just feel so good about myself - I want to buy 10 more dresses in this fabric and cut. And while we're gushing, lets just take a minute to talk about this playsuit - I mean, how radical and whimsically fun is that? It's on my wish list. I could play real good in that.

Sonnet James is always a crowd pleaser in my closet. Although since I've gotten rid of so much lately (thanks a lot, Marie Kondo), it's not really crowded in there at all.

Happy Friday to you, friends! xx