A Blue Scalloped Dress, 3 Ways.

Thank you to Pinkblush for sponsoring this post.

Blue Dress2.jpg

I love finding style inspiration online and through Pinterest and Instagram, but the thing is... a lot of what I see isn't actually feasible for my actual REAL life. Being a mom and living in the suburbs, I just don't have many reasons throughout the week to put on my slamming-est high heels and smokiest eyeliner. I love those things, but it's not really apart of my everyday life.

But I really do love fashion and as I'm getting older I'm learning to be more confident in the things I gravitate towards. I love pairing different colors and styles together, and I really love being able to chameleon every so often and incorporate pieces from all "genres". Although I will say it makes for a kind of funny wardrobe. Every time my extremely, insanely stylish sister comes to town, she's always like, "What do you actually wear?!" Because my closet is such an odd hodgepodge of artistic/boho items, a bunch of leggings and t-shirts and then a bunch of classic, ladylike things. Style is so interesting, I could talk about it all day.

But instead! I wanted to show you 3 ways I styled this blue scallop dress, courtesy of Pinkblush, in ways that are actually true to my life (and hopefully yours!) As much as I love putting on a good pair of sparkly heels and painting the town red (gosh I miss the New York days of my life), the truth is that most days I am in my purple Vans and doing #momlife and work-from-home life.

Blue Dress1.jpg

^ Don't worry, I don't actually bust this move at pre-school pick-up. This one is just for you guys ;)

^ Don't worry, I don't actually bust this move at pre-school pick-up. This one is just for you guys ;)

Blue Dress3.jpg
Blue Dress4.jpg

Pinkblush is mostly known for their maternity clothes (which is how I was introduced to them and their pieces make a pregnant gal feel GOOD) - but they actually have a ton of women's clothing for non-baby-growing seasons, as well. Things I love about this dress: the loose shift cut, the perfect spring color (!), and the super sweet bell sleeves. It's got a really great throwback Mary Tyler Moore vibe, especially styled below with a structured work tote - I love it! P.S. - Everett zooming by me in the pic above just makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY. That child loves to run.

Blue Dress6.jpg

Blue Dress7.jpg
Blue Dress9.jpg
Blue Dress10.jpg
Blue Dress11.jpg
Blue Dress18.jpg

3. City Sightseeing

Blue Ruffled Sleeve Scalloped Blue Dress, Sebago Boots, Felt Hat (similar here), Leather Jacket (a gift from Stevie!), Madewell Knotshine Necklace, Michael Kors Leather Watch (many seasons old, similar here)

Blue Dress12.jpg
Blue Dress16.jpg
Blue Dress17.jpg
Blue Dress20.jpg

There you have it! Three ways I would actually put this dress into good use. Although I admit I would still love to slip on some glitter heels and give this baby a whirl somewhere downtown. But let's be honest, the only dancing I'll be doing in this dress is going to be with my 1-year old, because he tolerates my Disney vocal stylings and will actually twirl around the room with me without his hands over his ears.

Blue Dress13.jpg

Where is the most likely place you would wear this dress? I'd love to hear back from you in the comments section if you feel like posts like these are helpful! xx