On Blogging.


I’ve been blogging for 5 years now.

I started when Stevie and I relocated from Atlanta to Boston for a big adventure (he was going back to school), and I wanted to blog and share the stories about our experience in New England (which I did - lots HERE). I was also exiting college at the time and needed a fresh way to continue writing, something I’ve always always loved.

From Boston to NYC we went, for new jobs (remember when I was working as an actor? I’m still stressed from all that auditioning.) Then from NYC back to Atlanta because our baby boy Everett was coming around the mountain (maybe don’t move across the country when you’re more than 30 weeks pregnant? Just saying.) Then came Daxton not long after and here we are on the south side of Atlanta, feeling very settled in our suburban life (though I admit, for fun I play the game where I dream of picking up a moving to a random country - who cares if we don’t speak the language?!)

I say all this because this blog of mine has changed A LOT in the past five years, because I’ve changed a lot. I spend time each year asking myself what I’m doing in the blogging world. Am I making an impact? Does my blog matter? Does it uplift, inspire, motivate? Because every good blog should. But sometimes, friends, I’m fresh out of ideas. Sometimes I wonder if what I shared was good, or cheesy, or purposeful. Blogging can be isolating. And sometimes I have things to share, but I don’t want to overexpose my family by sharing certain parenting or marriage stories (which I know is the struggle of our generation with all this social media at our fingertips- sometimes my kids do the funniest things but I don’t want them mad at me in twenty years because I posted all those bathtub shots 😆).

It's easy for me to share this with you today, because honestly, I’m having a lot of fun blogging these days. I feel better with my camera (even though GOSH it's getting old), I’ve carved out more time in my week to write, and I’ve started pitching to companies that I love about collaborating on content. It’s been obviously great to monetize this little shindig of mine, when it really truly makes good sense and it’s something I actually want to spend my time promoting. At the end of the day though, my barometer for why I’m still what I’m doing is, “Am I having fun?” and “Are the people reading this feeling loved, inspired, challenged and humored?” and most importantly - “AM I KEEPING IT REAL.” Such important messages for me.

One thing I've realized since I've had kids is that my content here on the blog is more planned and less spontaneous. I used to sit down, right something, and post it immediately. I rarely do this anymore. I usually have a monthly content plan, and then take time writing the posts, taking the pictures, editing, and then post it on or around the date I had planned on the calendar. However, I do miss the frequency of spontaneous posts, because those raw thoughts are often some of my favorite memories. This is something that I want to incorporate back in the blog. 

I hope you hear my heart today. I am still blogging because I love it and I love sharing and connecting with YOU. I hope it creates an attitude of joy and rest in your heart when you visit my blog and read. Thank you so much for reading and interacting and being my friends. And for all of you who have been hanging out here with me on the Internet since back in the old days before Instagram - thank you!!! Your support and input have made this venture such a delicious joy!!!

P.S. - This photo is from a few months back when I went to Serenbe with my sisters for my bday. They were all running ahead of me (because I suck at running), and I stopped for a moment and just took in the view. Their running into the sun flare was too beautiful not to photograph. These are the girls who always give me honest feedback (sometimes painful, sometimes funny) about my blog, and I am SO THANKFUL for it and for them.

Love to you all, friends! xx