Exploring Atlanta's Krog Street Market & the Beltline.

Exploring Atlanta's Krog Street Market & the Beltline.

We took advantage of last weekend's heavenly spring weather and trekked into the city for some fun. Stevie and I (over) packed our gigantic SUV with every imaginable baby-wrangling item and met our dear friends Elliot and Lena (and their perfect baby daughter) for lunch at Krog Street Market, followed by a stroll down the ever-expanding Beltline trail. We tried not to overly-matchmake our kiddos. We sort of failed.

Map. Krog Street Market is the newest addition to Atlanta's Inman Park community. Set in a 1920's warehouse, this market houses a bevy of specialty shops and restaurants in an open-tavern environment. Situated on Krog Street across from an entrance to Atlanta's Beltline, this location boasts yet another reason to believe, nay, know, that Atlanta is indeed becoming more and more stupendous with each development.

These two. Twinning.


A fetching choice.

They're in love. The just don't know it yet.


We ate some killer barbeque from G.C. Barbeque (get the brisket! And the mac and cheese! THEY'VE WON AWARDS) and downed the most delicious canned beer of my life from Hop City - the famously refreshing Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment. Other delicious treats found in the Market? The scrumptious, 2-ingredient chocolate bars from Xocolatl (the Trinidad Single Origin has been on my mind ever since I tasted it) and of course, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, providing a winning array of flavors that can only make you leave feeling like you haven't possibly tasted enough. Stevie was so giddy to be out and about that he had ice cream twice - once at Jeni's and again at Jake's across the street. That man seriously loves his cow's milk. It's a point of contention.

All I could think was, "I wish I had brought my blades!" And also, "THAT DOG IS ENORMOUS."

The cutest mother-daughter duo there ever was.

The brotastic toothy smiles happening here. Flawless.

Maybe he will drink from this bottle? No. Just no.


There were all kinds of hilarious, happy moments throughout the day. But at one point I might have lost my phone. Okay, I definitely lost my phone. But as we 6 lounged along the Beltline and watched our babies roll around on the attempting-to-turn-green grass (well, on the waterproof outdoor blanket that protected our children from the grass) and I realized I had lost my phone, a brave sense of "who cares?" washed over me. So calmly. So serenely. I think I was drunk on some preeminent springtime pollen or something. And then when we turned on the Find my iPhone app and actually located it (still at the last restaurant along our string of stops), I was simply on a high. BEST DAY EVER. I misplaced my iPhone, didn't lose my mind over it, and literally found it ten minutes later at a random restaurant! Bless. What a grand, wondrous day. What a marvelous community, this Atlanta town. WHAT A WONDERFUL MATCH FOR MY BABY SON. Okay, too far. I understand that I've gone too far.

But really - too much?

What is too much?


It was the happiest day. Frisbee on the lawn, strolling with the babes, imbibing with old friends, munching on savory treats, and most exciting of all, doing something new in our old stomping grounds. It's not often that something takes us by surprise in our home city. But these two developments, the Krog Street Market and Beltline, I am all in favor of their harmonious presence in Atlanta. Next time, I'm gonna bring my roller blades and leave everyone in the DUST.

First Trip to the Zoo!

First Trip to the Zoo!

Last week I took my little Everett boy on his first field trip to the Atlanta Zoo. I'd like to tell you it was the MOST SPECTACULAR THING EVER. I'd like to tell you that Everett was flabbergasted with joy by the animals and clapped his hands with glee and howled with precious laughter and said his first words in the form of, "Mommy, did you know there are nine subspecies of Giraffes?" (because obviously I think my child will be a science-fact-spouting whiz and somehow I think he would say this in a clipped British accent, too.)

No. Just no.

Everett kind of didn't care about the zoo. He didn't hate it. He was just... indifferent. Couldn't be bothered to lift his head up from it's very relaxed position in the stroller to actually glance at the giraffes. And that wasn't the only unexciting animal, in his book. The toucan didn't thrill him. The flamingos made him sigh and look away. The red panda bored him to tears (literally). And the black bears put him to sleep.

Not an animal lover? We won't go there quite yet. He might have just been sweaty or something.

But I had a blast! I got to hang out with my BFF and walk around and eat zoo snacks (we packed lunches and shared our goodies) and stare in wonder at all the animals caked in Georgia red clay. I got to stand in the sunshine and wear shorts (WHAT!?) and take pictures and ogle at the cherry blossom trees. I got to have GIRL TIME. So so necessary. Everyone needs a BFF to dream with. Thanks for being mine, Trish. Oh, and I got to watch her daughter actually enjoy seeing the animals, which was suuuuuper duper fun. She's obviously at the right age for animal adoration.

Everett will get there.

We hope.

// I'm all, "THE ZOO! THE ZOO! THE ZOO!" and he's like, "I mean... sure.'' //

// Can you not, mom? //

// I mean. //

// Let's eat or something. //

// Or we can just... Zzzz... //


// But I'll keep him. Because THOSE CHEEKS. Nom nom nom. //

Anyone have any advice for when it's appropriate to take a baby to the zoo? Because I didn't think that there was a "too soon" when it comes to exposing kids to educational-ish activities like this. But I'm thinking that I was wrong. I mean, I'm not too sad about it or anything. In fact, this kid is just making me laugh more and more these days because he does not hide his feelings! And I kind of love that about him.But seriously - thoughts on fun "out and about"-type activities for babies? Because the weather is putting a pep in my step and I'm all ears for great outdoor ideas!

Also, Everett's onesie is c/o  Lucky Palm Tree and you can find it here.

A Sigh of Relief in St. Augustine.

A Sigh of Relief in St. Augustine.

Last week I took an impromptu road trip down to St. Augustine, Florida.

It was necessary for my soul.

It was one of those trips that I didn't realize how badly I needed. But with all this wet wintery weather and cabin fever, along with my current car-less situation, with a baby, IN THE SUBURBS, I was ripe for a bit of adventure and freedom. Haha, how adventurous is it when you're only going to your sister's place? But it was adventurous to me, because it was the first time I packed up my child and road tripped anywhere with him. Did I mention that I did all of this husband-less? I did all of this husbandless. It was quite the adventure, folks.

Let me just take a moment to tell you, GO HUG YOUR MOTHER TODAY.

Stevie had some back-to-back work trips, so we knew we would be apart for a week. A week is a long time, people! And it feels so much longer, now that we are blessed with a cutie little baby. I just feel like I really need his help and support, you know, all the time. Bathing the child and feeding the child and holding the child - he weighs 18.5 lbs. these days! But we did it. Me and Everett. We made it through the week daddy-less without too much fuss. In fact, Everett started crawling and grew in two teeth while we were down in Florida. And saw the ocean for the first time (I instagrammed that epic moment here). Talk about a trip!

We weren't alone though. Far from it. My darn-adorable little sister Rachel agreed to take to the road with me and Everett, and last minute, my dad jumped in the car with us, too. And my mom was already in Florida the previous week on her annual "girls trip" with all her friends from high school (I know, party animal, right??), so she met us at my sister's house, too! It became a huge, unplanned family affair. Babies and movies and laughter and wine. My Dad took us shopping, his three grown adult girls. The whole trip was so sweet. It's not often that we are all together anymore (I know, you're probably thinking, don't you live with your parents??) But I mean my entire family. We haven't all been together since Everett was born almost 8 months ago. And I mean, we still weren't, since Stevie wasn't with us, but it was still really good to have that family energy vibing once again. The storytelling. The eye rolling. The babies throwing food around the kitchen. Whatnot.

What did I do during this Swiss Family Robinson weekend? Sniffed that salty air. Jogged the mile to the beach (and back again!) Stood in awe at all the mossy-ness. Ate fish tacos (everyday!) Rolled around on the carpet, playing with my niece and nephew. Chased Everett around the house. Stared out the window at the rain (the weather wasn't really our friend there, either). It was really simple stuff. And it was kind of the best.

// My exercise buddy. My life buddy. Built-in BFF. God I love her. //

// All. That. Moss. //

// The ocean made him sneeze. And then made him laugh. And then made him sleepy. //

// My baby likes to hold hands. I'm already nervous about middle school. //


// I bet you're thinking this photo looks fake. I know. If I didn't know her for myself, I would think this homegirl is some kind of fairy princess. But since I know her for myself, I KNOW SHE IS. //

// Tacos and a smoothie errrrrday. And now I shall move in. Into this establishment. //

// Why are cousins so stinkin' CUTE. Everett was obsessed with them. //

// Sigh. My kin-women. //

Need More Moss.

I am just so grateful for this trip. Though the weather betrayed me just a tad bit, my soul was refreshed just being in a different environment. Different, but comfortable, since it was in the joyful home of my sweet sister and her family. I am already planning another trek down there, to do a bit more culinary mining in the downtown. I love St. Augustine a lot (we honeymooned there for a few days, almost 8 years ago WHAAAAT), and it never gets old, exploring that rad historic little town.

// This is what it feels like to be practically choked with love. //

// SISTERS! My heart pretty much exploded on that beach. //

// I'll never let go, Jack. //

The Ghost of Beachy Past.

If you're interested, I have an arsenal of St. Augustine shenanigans from the past, like the time I was pregnant and cold and sad and St. Augustine cheered me up and the time I was threatened by a pelican. You read that right.

Quick Reminder - Don't forget to enter this giveaway this week! And get ready for another giveaway starting here tomorrow!

The 6th Day: Holiday Dates.

Holiday Dates.

Oh the holidays. There is so much fuss over shopping and presents (it's a little out of control these days, isn't it?) that sometimes we can miss out on the most important part: spending quality time with our loved ones. I know I am susceptible to this. I get all frazzled and hung up on finding THE PERFECT GIFT for all the zillions of people on my list. That I forget. To just enjoy those sweet people.

How to combat the crazy? One thing that Stevie & I try to do every year is go on one really special Christmas date. In years past, we've gone to listen to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, gone to see the Rockettes, gone to see a broadway show, gone out to a pizazz-y dinner, depending on where we lived at the time - we've just tried to do something snazzy and memorable. And these dates are memorable. I remember walking home from our date last year - the snow was so beautiful in New York that we decided to walk (instead of take the subway or a cab) 28 blocks home. I still remember it. It was dreamy, everything laced with a bit of frosty sparkle, following along the edge of the park the whole way. These moments are the true "markers" of the Christmas season, for me.

This year, we did things a little differently. We decided to have a "day of fun" and go out to brunch alone and then have Everett along for the rest of the day. Thankfully, our dear friend Lena watched the babe while we enjoyed a baby-free brunch at Sun in My Belly and then we three walked through the Paris on Ponce market and got all kinds of inspiration for our (somewhere in the future??) home. It was really a sweet day. We tired out a LOT easier than we normally do, and ended up back home way earlier than we planned, snuggled in our pjs. Must be all the lack of sleep we're experiencing this year :) Oh, Everett.

Pumpkin Latte. I'll take two please.

How rad is that wall? We couldn't resist playing in the color.


Yeah, I tried on the vintage hats. Don't judge me.

He found the chair of his dreams.

Somebody got sleepy.


I'll admit, enjoying a baby-free brunch only made me want to do it again. So Stevie and I are attempting to squeeze in one last Christmas date before the holiday is at our doorstep... I've heard The Optimist in Atlanta is a good spot. Any other suggestions from you hip in-the-know-it-alls?

What's on your list for some holiday fun time with your love? A date? A night in? A day on the town? Most of all, I hope you're taking the chance to enjoy the memories. You only get this Christmas once!

The Family that Climbs Together.

The Family that Climbs Together.

We have loved living close to our families this year. We feel so lucky to be able to drop by unannounced, have impromptu full-attendance meals, and last-minute hangouts at a super duper central location - it makes us feel very Cosby Show-esque. Friday night burgers in town? Sure! Midweek bowling birthday celebration? Of course! Sometimes when you know something can't last, it can really put some pep in your step to invest your time wisely. Since we aren't sure where we will be living a year from now, Stevie and I do everything we can to make family time a priority. And since having our own baby, the months have passed by so quickly we can't even believe it. Before you know it, it will be August again! Whew!

So we went rock climbing a few weeks ago to celebrate birthdays. How fun is that? I had to share these pics, because how fierce are Stevie's brothers and sisters? The answer is very/a lot/VERY. It was a ridiculously fun evening, sans kids, pure adrenaline, all laughter and showcasing our spider-man slash parkour skills. I really love silliness. And this was an excellent opportunity to be hardcore and silly.

// Katie climbed to Heaven. //


// I was trying to be Popeye. The other two were just cute. //

Challenging Yourself.

Have you ever rock climbed before? I'll be honest with you, it isn't for the faint of heart. It tests all sorts of personal boundaries you probably have. You know, like that whole attachment to gravity. I like rock climbing because it challenges your own strengths, both physically and mentally. It's a total mind game. Stevie and I had done it one other time, in Austin a few years ago, with one of his former bosses who climbed real rocks, out in the wilderness, barefoot. Yes. That guy was truly a boss.

I'm so glad I had a tad bit of experience before climbing with these radicals I call my kin. My sisters-in-law are seriously beasts. At one point during climbing, after Katie had reached the ceiling, she called down to the guy belaying her, "Oh, is that it? I can't go any higher?" I just stared at her, open mouthed. These people. Are so sublime.

The family that climbs together. You know. Goes out to pizza afterwards together.