Building My Fall Capsule Wardrobe (& the Pieces I've Worn for 3 Months!)

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What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

I’ve toyed around with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for quite some time. Though I was intrigued by the streamlined approach to getting dressed and minimizing clutter, I was mostly stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of being pigeon-holed into wearing only a few pieces for months at a time. But from what I kept reading from others, it’s supposed to do quite the opposite! Capsule wardrobes are “supposed” to free you up and allow you to enjoy the versatility of mixing a range of pieces together to create easy outfits and eliminate the stress of getting dressed. It’s supposed to save you money and time. It’s supposed to help you become more disciplined with spending. So they say.

Step 1: Assess Your Closet.

I decided to give it a try and put together a capsule for this fall! I’ve actually been observing this for the past few seasons - the range of clothes I wear, how often I wear certain pieces, and what I tend to gravitate toward. Taking stock of what I tend to reach for over and over again really helped me hone in on what kind of capsule I was looking to create - something really casual and comfortable, without consisting of a ton of sweatpants. I don’t need dressy corporate clothing since I’m not working a 9-5, but I do need pieces that feet nice enough to wear to a meeting or a class to meet with people, while still being comfortable enough to hang with my kids! Also, it’s really important to think in terms of weather - my Georgia fall is much different than my friends’ in Alaska!

Step 2: Toss & Shop (sparingly).

Believe it or not, I actually purchased very little for this fall capsule. In late August I went through my closet and pulled out my gold standards - the cardigans I wear over and over again, the jeans that fit me best, the types of tops that I reach for over and over again. And then I observed the gaps in my wardrobe and filled in the blanks here and there. Very carefully.

I also took this opportunity to toss or donate clothes I hadn’t worn in a year. I’ve learned that the more I throw things away in my home (old toys, old clothes, you name it), the easier it gets to continue tossing things. We don’t need all this stuff! Items that are nice enough for a second life get donated to our local Better Way Ministry or sold on my Instagram Shop.

Step 3: Make Up Your Own Rules.

There are a lot of schools of thought when it comes to a capsule - it took me some time to grasp how this would work for me. For example, some people find 25 pieces they wear constantly, while some people work with nearly 60 pieces. Some people include workout clothes and dressy clothes in the mix - and some don’t. Some include shoes and accessories, some don’t count those items as part of the capsule. When I finally realized it was totally up to me, I started to relax a little bit. I make the rules! I will say that this blog post, Elsie’s capsule, Anna’s capsule, Savannah’s capsule helped tremendously, and I’ve also heard really amazing things about this book and the Cladwell app.

I personally decided not to include shoes, work out clothes or dressy clothes in my capsule. I wear workout clothes multiple times a week for when I exercise, but I try not to wear my gym clothes all day because I don’t feel my absolute best in them when I wear them all day every day. And my normal routine doesn’t really include dresses or skirts because, let’s keep things real, I’m a boy mama.

Step 4: Execute the Capsule!

The Georgia fall weather usually includes a lot of lingering humidity and days that are rife with heat. So this capsule could almost be labeled “pre-fall” because its truly a transition out of the southern summer and into slightly more manageable temperatures. But for now, here goes! My fall capsule wardrobe! These are the pieces I’ve worn over and over for the past several months!

Capsule Look1.jpg
Capsule Look3.jpg

1. Madewell high-waisted skinny jeans
2. Nordstrom black skinny jeans (I ended up replacing with these Madewell jeans)
3. TJ Maxx jogger pants
4. Spanx faux leather leggings


1. Fabr’ik v-neck tee in black
2. Fabr’ik v-neck tee in nude
3. Free People embroidered long sleeve
4. Fabr’ik v-neck tee in raspberry
5. RAW moon phases tank
6. LOFT chambray off-the-shoulder top
7. Banana Republic flannel long-sleeve (old, similar here)
8. Madewell v-neck tee in green spruce
9. Madewell ruffle shoulder tee in black/white stripe
10 Madewell flannel button-up
11. LOFT blue shell top
12. Magickal Babe Brigade t-shirt
13. LOFT casual long sleeve
14. Anthropologie buttondown


1. ASOS maxi sweater cardigan (old, similar here)
2. Fabr’ik chambray long-sleeve
3. Pom oversized sweater
4. Leather Jacket (old, similar here)
5. Old Navy jean jacket (similar here)
6. LOFT black/white kimono
7. TJ Maxx pink velvet kimono

Pink Velvet2.jpg

Note: I didn’t include accessories in my capsule, but I have definitely gravitated towards a small collection of shoes, bralettes and neck scarves this season. I will share about these in a separate post because I think they have been the part of my fall capsule that made getting dressed fun!



  1. I loved making up the rules for this capsule! Once I finally felt free enough to make changes - even in the midst of the 3 months - I felt so much freer and more empowered. I liked being able to swap a pair of jeans for a better pair of jeans, and not feeling like I was “breaking” the rules because I make my own rules here.

    2. The next time I do this, I want to add a few dresses and skirts. I didn’t feel like I was “missing” them during these past 3 months (gosh I need more reasons to get spruced up), but I would like to add them in because I like feminine pieces!

    3. I think there is only a need for 2 capsule wardrobes per year. I think there is a fall capsule and a spring capsule, and the changes for winter and summer are a bit more gradual and subtle. So as I think ahead for winter, I will probably keep the base of this capsule almost the same and just add in some more layers, sweaters and maybe a dress or two.

    4. I will continue keeping workout clothes and super dressy clothes (for a fancier occasion) separate. And I give myself permission to get something new if its for a specific reason! But for the most part, the purpose of having a capsule is to reduce unnecessary shopping and I definitely feel like that has been my experience.

I really enjoyed this experiment and I think I will get better and better at honing in on pieces that really work for my life and my style. What do you think? Could you ever do a capsule wardrobe? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Visiting New England in October!

New England1.jpg

I guess I’ll just start off with the truth.

We almost moved to Boston this summer. Or I should say, we almost moved back to Boston this summer. There was a job opportunity that we were seriously considering, and during that time, I was chatting with Everett & Daxton all about New England. Well, we ended up staying put because another (better) job kept Stevie working right here in Georgia, which was a relief because we have so much family here, but after sharing with my boys so much about Boston, I thought we ought to take a trip. And what better time to visit than autumn in New England??

I’m going to break this post up into a few so that I can share about where we ate, what we did, and most importantly (to the boys!) - where we played. Because we played a LOT. I will do a separate follow-up post about traveling with our two boys this time around - please let me know in the comments section if you have specific questions!

Downtown Boston

This shot cracked me up because it was COMPLETELY candid and they all looked so pensive.

This shot cracked me up because it was COMPLETELY candid and they all looked so pensive.

Color like POW.

Color like POW.


I love this statue. She’s representing the angels who worship at God’s throne.

Beacon Hill, Massachusetts


Are you seeing the streets lined with gold? Goshhhh.


Just casually posing on the quaint cobblestoned alley. LIKE ALL BLOGGERS DO. Sometimes we’re a little bit ridiculous.


Outfit Details

Loft Top (half off right now!), Madewell Jeans, Banana Republic Scarf (similar), Franco Sarto Flats, RAW Bronzing Studio Tan, (my leather jacket was purchased overseas, similar styles here and here)


My little sweetheart.


I never want to forget them like this. Everett is wearing this top and these pants, Dax is wearing this top and these pants.


Leaf confetti.


Not the tour we were on but I wanted to get a shot of how the truck goes into the water! So cool!

I think this is our only family photo of the trip but gosh, isn’t Daxton just the sweetest? That child is growing up.

I think this is our only family photo of the trip but gosh, isn’t Daxton just the sweetest? That child is growing up.


What We Did.
We walked the historical Freedom Trail (if you go without kids, I HIGHLY encourage doing The Freedom Trail Run - it’s a 5k tour of the Freedom Trail and ends with a ferry ride back to where you started! SO efficient and helps you squeeze in a workout while you’re traveling!) We wandered the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common, which are two of the most amazing public spaces you will find in Boston (I’ve previously overshared the Public Garden here and here).

We also found several amazing playgrounds, one in Beacon Hill called the Myrtle Street Playground, where we played with the kids for a few hours one perfect morning. The golden leaves kept falling around us like confetti and the air was cool and I just thought, “This is it. A perfect moment that I don’t want to forget.” Whatever those golden trees are, I need to plant one here in Georgia. We also played at the Esplanade, on the Charles Bank Playground along the river, and this was the perfect way for the boys to get out wiggles when they were sitting in the stroller for too long.

We also took a Duck Tour in the afternoon, which Everett was really excited about, because (all you boy mamas, listen in!), the tour truck transforms into a boat and goes into the Charles River. Yes. My boys were losing their minds a little, because at any mention of “transformer”, they are shook.

We took the boys to the Curious George toy store in Harvard Square and let them each pick out a toy. It’s kind of a fun thing we’ve started to do - minimizing the toys we buy at home but letting them choose something to play with when we travel. I think it helps them create a special memory reminder of our trip AND gives them a little something to play with on those long travel days where extra patience (and distraction!) is sometimes needed. Our one rule is that the toy must be small enough to be packable! And by the way, they picked out some of these Green Toys and we are loving them!

Where We Ate.
Call me boring, but we did a lot of Starbucks on this trip. My boys are carb monsters and tear through the muffins and bagels like its their job. I like having a few things I can count on them actually eating, so we did a lot of Starbucks in the AM. My order is a grande Americano and the Bacon, Egg & Gouda breakfast sandwich - it’s so good! We also packed the boys apple sauce pouches, snacks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day, which really helped them feel comfortable (because they eat a lot of this at home!) However, Stevie and I didn’t hold back! We loved our juices and smoothies at The Juicery, dinner at our favorite restaurant in Harvard Square called Grafton Street, and a must-have yogurt at Berryline. Yum.


This trip was such a blast and we did so much on each day! I’ll share in a separate post about hanging out in Charlestown, where we ate the BEST brunch and cannolis, and why we took an impromptu trip to Maine for the day ;)

Easter Dress Roundup!

It's been a while since I did a style round up, and I had so much fun putting this one together! Easter is such an amazing holiday, and I admit I still get giddy about Easter dresses like a 5-year-old girl. I blame my mother - she let us wear the frilliest dresses to church for Easter when I was growing up and all that twirling can really go to a girl's head.

Also, I included a few rompers and pant suits because gosh, there are so many good ones these days. If I had a million dollars I would love to wear the Mara Hoffman romper this year, but I will actually probably just wear a dress in my closet. I have so many that have gone unworn for a while (omg my postpartum body is so crazy - what size even am I??) Also, if Kate Middleton can re-wear her dresses, then I think it's mighty princess-y to wear one of my old frocks. Plus, that leaves room in the budget for SHOES.

What are you wearing this Easter?! I'd love to hear what colors and styles you're gravitating toward this season! xx

My 5 Casual Fall Must-Haves.

Many thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Banana Republic Fall Must Haves11.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves1.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves4.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves5.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves10.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves2.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves9.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves3.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves6.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves14.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves12.jpg
Banana Republic Fall Must Haves15.jpg

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Ruffle-Cuff Flannel Shirt (c/o), Springwood High-Waisted Jeans (sold out, similar here and here), Banana Republic Demi Slides (c/o), Stella & Dot Covet Letter Necklace

It's that time of year. The autumn clothes come out of storage and we dance around the bedroom together as I imagine the adventures we shall have in the coming season. Wait, you don't do that? Welllllllll let's be honest - my day-to-day wardrobe requires very little style and very big comfort & flexibility. But in my heart I am still stylish, even when I'm rocking the seasoned topknot (some days, very seasoned) and gym sweats (many times, never actually making it to the gym.) Truthfully, the art of oscillating between wrangling kids, creating content for this blog and erranding around town, all while lifting my big boys in and out of the car (okay, for those of you who know me, it's mostly the golf cart) - it doesn't require style. Or beauty. Or even teeth brushing.

But we all know that we feel so much better about ourselves if we take a little time to re-fashion the dirty hair from a topknot into say, a twisty Disney-princess situation (see above for my effort.) And we feel better when we have a few go-to items in the wardrobe that are casual but can still be on point for the season. You feel me?

My Casual Fall Must-Haves:
1. Wear-with-everything Flannel Shirt.
We all need one of these go-to tops. It literally goes with everything in my closet and is never a bad idea. Paired with high-waisted jeans? Yes! Tucked into a mini or midi skirt? Yes! Worn over leggings with sneakers? YES. That last one is my particular favorite Saturday morning brunch uniform. I love this version by Banana this season because it is crazy soft and hello - those sleeve ruffles! It's like a sweet little upgrade to the traditional flannel and this one has already been on heavy rotation over here. Banana also has one in this color that I am putting in the shopping cart now...

2. High-waisted (okay, mom-waisted) Skinny Jeans.
These are my new go-to jeans. I love the multiple buttons and the frayed hem at the ankles. So fun and a nice change from my regular skinny jeans. These look great with tops tucked in at the front but they will also look great with a bodysuit underneath and cropped sweaters this fall. Hey, early 90's, I'm fully embracing your return. Gimme dat chunky choker while you're at it.

3. Roaring flats.
How fun are these? I have been on the hunt for a leopard print flat for a while now because I think it can add an unexpected twist to any outfit. When I saw these Banana flat mules I was instantly in love. These are casual enough to wear with any denim, but can also be dressed up with almost any neutral shade or even, gasp, RED.

4. Simple Jewels.
Seeing that I have kids that find my jewelry as appetizing as I find birthday cake, I can't actually wear most of my dangly, chunky or trendy stuff around them. So for my day-to-day I keep it simple with the earrings that Stevie got me for our 10-year anniversary and this Stella & Dot Covet necklace he gave me in the hospital when Daxton was born. Both of these items are so dear to my heart and make me feel super loved, so I love wearing them daily. Plus they go with everything so BONUS.

5. A Magical Multistick.
I've talked about this a lot in my recent Green Beauty Trials posts, but I am loving this ILIA Multistick in the shade "At Last"! You seriously have to get one. This shade works on anyone's skin tone and you can swipe it on your eyes, lips and cheeks in less than 30 seconds and feel completely put together. It's a must have for those casual days when you are throwing yourself together in a few minutes but still want to look and feel fresh for the day ahead.

There you have it! As we transition into Fall, these are the items that I won't be without. What are your autumn must-haves?

P.S. - I've been toying around with working on a fall capsule wardrobe and I'm curious if that's something you're interested in hearing about. Let me know in the comments!

Banana Republic Fall Must Haves13.jpg

Show Some Shoulder.

I've never really shared why I think clothing matters.

Clothes aren't vain or shallow or silly. Clothes are powerful. They speak, breathe and feel. They encourage and inspire, they challenge and surprise. One of my favorite quotes about fashion, hilariously enough, is from Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl (judge me all you want, that show was my guilty pleasure), "Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one."

Since becoming a mama, I've actually gravitated more towards fashion and developing my own sense of style. By default, when you become a mom, you enter into a season of endless sweatpants and topknots and tennis shoes that accompany the naptimes, sleepless nights and hectic newborn routine.

There is nothing wrong with this "momiform", this is normal. But I have learned through my own experience that if you aren't careful, the sweatpants will eat you.

Okay, they won't eat you. But they will eat up something inside of you, very slowly over time, this tiny little bit of self-worth that says, "I am worth the effort of 5 minutes of hair and makeup. I am worth wearing a cute shirt and necklace instead of the same nursing tank 4 days in a row. I am worth a new pair of shoes every now and then."

The level of sacrifice that mothers faithfully give everyday to their families absolutely astounds me. Women are amazing. My mom - she's absolutely amazing. She never made me feel like I was an inconvenience. And yet, she did a great job of taking good care of herself. She exercised. She ate healthy. She and my dad worked extremely hard to send me and my sisters to every cheerleading camp and chorus trip and a yearly summer beach vacation. And my mom was always, always stylish.

She showed me that she was important, that her self-worth wasn't a selfish endeavor, and that enjoying beauty wasn't frivolous. My mom's style is ecstatically bold and bright, stocked with armfuls of silver bangles and botanical scarves and strappy sandals. She has shown me that fashion, cultivating one's own style - this is an art to be enjoyed. A lifetime journey of tweaking, growing, changing and discovering one's own style. Allowing yourself to grow. Allowing your body to change shape. Allowing yourself to feel beauty, inside and out.

Clothing matters because it is an intimate insight into who you are.

And also, clothes are like, really really fun.

BR Navy.jpg

I am currently getting re-acquainted with my body. My fleshier postpartum size can be frustrating, but it is also an invitation into a greater depth of self-love. Instead of disliking what I see in the mirror, instead of clinging onto the past with a fear grip, I am invited to see what will be compatible for me in this fresh season. I don't want the body of 18-year-old me (okay, I admit that might be nice here and there), but honestly - knowing what my body is capable of now is incredible! It's endured childbirth and overcome surgery and it is continuing to nourish and sustain a human. I don't know what could possibly be more miraculous and sexy and sensational - it's powerful. And sometimes when I feel powerless, clothes help to remind me. Remind me to give myself grace and celebrate.

I am absolutely loving the cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder trend this season. I think it is one of the most flattering ways to highlight beautiful parts of every woman's figure - the shoulders, decolletage and neck. These are elegant lines on virtually every woman, and if you're feeling a little bit uncomfortable in your skin these days - this trend is for you. And for me. I am hoping that the off-shoulder look sticks around for a bit because I adore how flattering it is. Banana Republic sent me this butterfly-esque top and this lasercut dress, both sporting the off-shoulder detail, and I am loving how I feel in these clothes. With Easter just around the corner, a few other Banana Republic spring pieces that I am loving are this tropical top, this chambray dress, and this scallop top - their entire spring line is giving me goosebumps lately. I love all the super feminine details.

And now I have to ask - what does clothing mean to you? Do you find your style evolving in different stages of life? And also - have you found the perfect Easter dress yet?!

Outfit Details:
Look 1: Banana Republic Structured Off-Shoulder Top c/o, Free People Rolled Crop Skinny Jean, Anthropologie Sparkle Slides (similar here and here), Stella & Dot Covet Initial Necklace

Look 2: Banana Republic Lasercut Crepe Cold-Shoulder Dress c/o, Franco Sarto Wedges (similar here and here), Gap Round Frame Sunglasses, Stella & Dot Freya Fringe Necklace, Stella & Dot Ansley Cuff

Many thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.