Exercise Power Hour!


The weather around here has been whack. It warmed up about a month ago, and then the temperatures decided to plummet back into the 30's like a big fat April Fools trick. It's almost Easter and I fear my grass shall never been green again.

So even though it's been stupid cold (sorry, my New England friends, but seriously, people live in the South to be able to enjoy spring temperatures when it's actually spring, which it is now, so I have no idea what's going on) - but, we've been going outside anyway. Every day after the boys wake up from their afternoon nap, sometime in the 4 o'clock hour, we high tail it outside and move our bodies. I've started calling this exercise power hour, because even though it's not exactly enjoyable temperatures (and my flowers haven't bloomed so there's no yard decor going on), it's still so important to move and play and get some fresh air. For their sanity and mine - cabin fever has gotten real around here these last few weeks and we all need the sunshine, even if it is still bathed in winter's chilly breath.

Workout Plank2.jpg

I decided to start giving Everett some exercise pointers. I taught him how to do squats, lunges, push ups and planks. And since he loves to run, we sprint in between these sets and really get our blood pumping. And it's been SO much fun! Daxton just toddles around and watches us, but I actually picked him up the other day and squatted with him for extra weight and GOOD LORD. I could only do 3. That kid is hoss.


My activewear was sent to me by Yandy.com and I chatted about the line over on 5 Minutes for Mom. Check out the post I wrote about why moms should never apologize for living in their activewear! Because for real you guys. It's my mom uniform.

Happy Friday to you, friends! xx

Multitasking Motherhood.

Moms wear a lot of hats. And that's not just because we are trying to hide the dirty hair (just an added bonus).

We are busy, we are constantly innovating, continuously problem-solving, multitasking, thinking through the next meal plan and activity and whew - trying to get some laundry done while we're at it. Don't even get me started on full-time career moms because I don't know how they do it. I can only hope they outsource a lot.

All this multitasking can sometimes lead me to forgetting to take care of myself. Being so focused on the family and their well-being is the nurturing gift of being a mom, but I often have to ask myself, "Did I take good care of me today, too?" This past month my family spent our time in New York while the husband tackled a work project. We wanted to keep our family together and enjoy a mini adventure instead of missing dad for an extended period of time. I loved that we got this time together, but wow, it definitely threw off my normal routine, and Everett's, too! We settled into a nice schedule after a week or so, figuring out where to grocery shop and which parks were better (the ones with big water fountains, duh mom). But one thing I had to figure out was how to squeeze in some exercise while not having any free time to myself - no babysitters, no grandmothers to lean on, no school to occupy him for a few hours. Just me and Everett, all day, everyday.

I got creative with our park dates and amped up my "play" self. Made sure to dress properly for the occasion and hightailed it in the stroller to our favorite local destinations for some good old fashioned park time. It might not have been as focused as an hour at the gym or my new barre class obsession, but it was surprisingly athletic! I really believe that if you get intentional with a goal, you can make something happen! We did all the normal park activities, but I leaned in a little more than normal and engaged with him in a really active way. And you know what? It works! How silly is it that just fully committing to the moment could actually give me the exercise I would have never expected to get. I promise, this motherhood gig is full of surprises.

This Isabella Oliver top epitomizes the needs of a multitasking mom, and is something you could wear to the gym, the park or out to dinner, and it would equally serve all purposes beautifully. I wore this on a play date with Everett and Stevie one evening (we had to show Dad the newest of our park finds), and afterward I quickly threw on a different pair of pants and shoes for dinner downtown. We went from the playing on the swings to ordering crepes in about ten minutes flat, and that included freshening my lipstick and throwing on some earrings :)

The pieces in this collection make me realize there are other moms out there who "get it" - the need to take care of your family, take care of yourself, stay active and be flexible with the moments we are given. And feel stylish while doing so (I should have put that higher on the list just now, because who am I kidding - IT MATTERS). The Isabella Oliver brand is attractive because it's created by a mom who recognizes the need for beautiful, transitional clothing for the ebb and flow seasons of motherhood. The amazing part about the fall collection is that almost every piece works beautifully for before and after the baby comes. I think there is something magic in the ruching (and I don't normally care for the look of ruching), but the way it folds can easily accentuate a baby bump or look really slimming when there is no baby bump to display :)

A few other pieces I am loving from the fall collection are this dress (perfect for holiday parties!), this tunic (another multitasking piece), and this top (because seriously, SO cute). If you're into catalogs (I am), you can request one here - and it's a fun read, kind of like a book.

Look 2:
Isabella Oliver Helston Maternity TopSebago Claremont Boots, Gap Maternity 1969 Full Panel Skinny Jeans, Kate Spade Stevie Diaper Bag (mine is sold out, similar color here)

Many thanks to Isabella Oliver for sponsoring this post and providing free product. All opinions expressed are my own.