February Delights List

February Delights List

February Delights List by oykristen // 1. Anthropologie Celestial Coaster Kit // 2. Essie Resort Fling // 3. Anthropologie Capri Blue in Hibiscus Teakwood // 4. Mrs. Meyers Basil Room Freshener // 5. Anthropologie Eloise Chiara Hand Towel // 6. Pottery Barn Essential Egyptian Cotton 300-Thread Count Sheets // 7. Shop Terrain Hanging Glass Terrarium // 8. West Elm Gallery Frames // 9. Kate Spade New York Gardens of Paris Earrings // 10. Anthropologie Palmer Towels // 11. Shop Terrain White Robe Hydrangea // 12. Barnes and Noble The Message Remix New Testament // 13. Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Chenille Diamond Pillow //   

February Delights.

February is all about refreshing. It's ever so cold outside, you're spending most of your time indoors, and as you look around... you notice things. The dingy cotton towels. The pilling bed sheets. The musky scent coming from your closet. In combination with a good spring clean, your home could also use a mini facelift. Nothing too drastic, but all those essential items that you use everyday... when was the last time you updated them? Linens, towels, candles; just a few refreshing upgrades can make you feel great about the space you live in. Because winter isn't over yet, but your home doesn't have to remind your of the winter blues.

I shopped around and found some awesome, affordable items to upgrade my apartment. Sheets and towels are a big one (these look great in my bathroom), since I think our building's community laundry machines tend to wear really hard on our linens. All of you who have your own washer & dryer, please look up and say a quick thanks to the God above. YOU ARE LUCKY. For the rest of us slummin' it in city paradise, we have to find other ways to dampen the odd odors that reek in from the neighbors "recreational hobbies".

This room freshener is a great, inexpensive find, and this candle (my sis gifted it to me for Christmas) makes a world of difference. I've even updated my bible reading with this modern-text version of the New Testament. Don't forget to refresh your soul, people. This is an inside/outside spring cleaning! A clean coat on the nails and a few well-placed plants (try to hang this terrarium indoors!) will certainly round out this "I'm ready for you, Spring!" attitude.

Here's to a minty-clean February!

Noel: Gift Guide For the Homebody

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Homebody

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Homebody by knhale // 1. Anthropologie Mr. Boddington's Pride and Prejudice // 2. Capri Blue Volcano Candle in a Jar // 3. Origins Lavender and Vanilla Body Souffle // 4. Scoutmob Coexistence Flower Art Print // 5. Anthropologie Amethyst Crystal Lamp Base // 6. Fortnum and Mason Royal Tea // 6. Scoutmob Pink Himalayan Bath Salts // 7. Free People Border Print Robe // 8. Kate Spade New York Larabee Road Coffee Pot // 10. Williams Sonoma Agate Gold-Rimmed Coasters // 11. Horchow Sferra Emma Pointelle Throw // 12. Piperlime Sabine Emerald Green Pave Stud // 13. UGG Ansley Women's Mahogany Slippers //

For the Homebody.

This gift guide is for that lady who chooses to (or needs to!) hibernate when the weather gets chilly. If you're ridiculously busy with all the reasons in the world that you have to stay busy, it's time for your reality check (and bubble bath!) Put down the iPhone and the to-do list and aaaaaaaaaallll the other excuses you have to NOT relax. And just take a moment for you.

If you know someone who needs a good vacation from the mind, this guide should steer you in the right direction. Your secret santa could use a relaxing soak in the tub with a classic read, a decadent candle and absolutely nothing on the calendar.

Happy gifting!

October Delights List

October List

October List by knhale // 1. Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good Cookbook // 2. Trader Joes Autumn Mums // 3. Urban Outfitters Staring at the Stars Cardigan // 4. Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle // 5. Urban Outfitters Midi Chain Ring // 6. Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Handbag // 7. Origins Plantscription Serum // 8. Anthropologie Petite silk pants // 9. Paper-Source Gold Confetti Thank You Notes // 10. Christian Dior Miss Dior Fragrance // 11. Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick //

Oh October. 

I really love this month because Autumn begins to set in and I get to celebrate the birth of some of my absolutely favorite people. First my mother in law (she's pure joy, people, seriously) and then both of my gorgeous, talented sisters. It's an absolute thrill gift-shopping for all of them, because it's so much fun to shower the ones you love with treasured surprises. And when you're doing it on a budget, you have to be selective and really think about what they want... which leads to discovering things you kinda want, too. This list is a compilation of a few things I've pick up here here and there and a few things I'm dreaming about. 

With all the wonders of fall comes one not-so-wonderous occurrence: dry skin. I've been using (7) Origins Plantscription Serum and it's really doing the trick. I am no stranger to Origins products, but this one is an especially magical elixir. In excitement for fall, I decorated my outdoor space with a bevy of these (2) fun fall mums in several colors and I ordered a sample of this (10) Christian Dior Miss Dior Fragrance from Sephora (we shall see how it goes, I'm pretty selective about my perfume choices.) I'm getting motivated to start cooking healthy again, so this (1) Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good Cookbook is on my list to buy. My adorable god-daughter got me my first Kate Spade bag for my birthday (does that little gal have excellent taste or WHAT?) so it's caused me to stumble over to their site and start drooling over maaaaaany of their gorgeous creations for fall, like (6) Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Handbag. My sweetheart-of-a-sister-in-law got me this truly deliciously-scented (4) Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle for my birthday, and it's been making my house smell like a masterpiece. Well, actually, it smells like Anthropologie, and that's pretty much my idea of what Heaven smells like. Score. And I might have treated myself to a few little things, like these (5) Urban Outfitters Midi Chain Ring and an old favorite, (11) Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick, but those were just for funsies. And since I've been writing a fair share of thank-you notes this week, these (9) Paper-Source Gold Confetti Thank You Notes have definitely gotten the best of me. They're so delicately pretty it's dangerous. The rest are dream items. Although I'm not totally sure how well I could rock those slouchy silk (8) Anthropologie Petite silk pants (but they are just so darn cute.)

Keep dreaming of lovely Autumn things, dear Oy-sters. The weather is just right for dreaming.