(Late) Morning Musings

Today I'm recovering from a weekend of skiing in Colorado. My limbs are soar, my eyes are tired but my heart is full as I anticipate this week's activities.


// Komodo Dragon roast coffee, English muffin slathered in this coconut oil. Delish.


// Rosewater + Video by Roost. Adding "Make my own rosewater" to the to-list.


// I stumbled across Nothing But Delicious, a Nashville-based blogger and food stylist. How does one become a food stylist? Figuring out a way to become that. It sounds so nice.


// One of these fine portraits from Rebekka Seale. I can't get over how lovely her work it. I like to taste my coffee, lean back in my chair, and become transformed to Alice in Wonderland-tranquil-like place when I simply look at her enticing paintings.


// Euro trip. Gotta purchase tickets this week. More to come on this impending adventure.


// My friend Savannah as she is featured on Minnetonka's Blogger Spotlight. I applaud your bravery and your insanely cool style.

Enjoy this wintery February day, my friends.

Be Mine: Valentines Day Gift Guide For Her & Him

Celebrate love! Buy presents! There are my two favorite things. It's almost Valentines Day, and that means that you have the opportunity to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Boys, girls, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents - everyone deserves to know why they are precious to you. Take this opportunity to show them how you feel. Tell them why they are cherished. I've compiled a gift guide specifically for that extra-special guy or gal in your life. Go ahead. You have permission to wow.

Via // Via // Via

For Her...

ONE // Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle

Every woman wants this candle. This is THE candle at our beloved Anthropologie. We won't buy it for ourselves. But you could buy it for ourselves.

TWO // Boite A Savon Bath Salts

Oooh la la, any guy who encourages his lady to take a bubble bath is automatically THE MAN. And if he gives her these luxurious bath treats, she will be singing his praises for a long time to come. First seen (and most easily purchased) here. Peace and tranquility, anyone?

THREE // Warby Parker Glasses

Give the gift of vision. For only $95 (anyone who has to buy glasses knows what a steal of a deal this is), you can try out 5 different pairs of glasses for 5 days. Keep the ones you want, return the rest. Oh, and the bonus? They will send a pair of glasses to someone in need, on your behalf. I love gifts that keep on giving.

Via // Via // Via

For Him...

ONE // Instagram on Canvas

He snaps those photos, but wouldn't he like to savor them? Print his Instagrams to canvas and experience the moment all over again. First seen here, this radical gift will be treasured for many Instagrams to come.

TWO // Growler Beer

"On tap" beer you can bring home. Isn't this every man's dream? Growlers come in 1/2-gallons, so not only is this pretty much the freshest beer you could have outside a bar, it's also a decent amount. Perfect for a picnic for two. Inside your home. On the couch. Check out your local breweries (and select liquor stores) to see if they carry growlers. You can even get them refilled! My local spot is the Harpoon Brewery, which has been on my Boston Bucket list for a while now... now I've got a reason to hit it!

THREE // Skyfall on Blu Ray

This is the action flick of the year. I personally think that Javier Bardem should win an Oscar for his performance in this latest installment of the James Bond trilogy. Experience it over and over again in HD. Order with ease here.

I hope you have the happiest of happy Valentines Day. Remember that these gifts reflect your love for your sweetheart, but only YOU can tell them why they are so special to you. So don't forget that part, too. I wish you many hugs and smooches.