A Morning Stroll in the Boston Public Garden.

Boston Public Garden1.jpg

We spent the weekend in Boston two weeks ago for Stevie's 5-year class reunion at HBS, and man, was it wonderful being back in Beantown. Living in Cambridge was a really special session in our chapter book, with memories that we often re-visit when we are telling stories, and I honestly can't believe that it's been 5 years since we moved. Until I remember that there are two children in my life now that weren't around back in our cold-weather Boston days. #wakeupcall

It was a whirlwind weekend being back on that immaculate campus seeing friends, and we both kept remarking to each other how normal it felt to be back, and how it felt like absolutely no time had passed. We were back to our old stomping grounds, having dinner with classmates, attending lectures and talking about dreams for the future. Truthfully, it felt like NO TIME HAD PASSED. Isn't that so strange?! A few pics below of our weekend.

This view of the Charles River never gets old.

This view of the Charles River never gets old.

The dogwoods were in full bloom and were more perfect than I've ever seen before anywhere!

The dogwoods were in full bloom and were more perfect than I've ever seen before anywhere!

We were frolicking around without kids and it was WILD. Like, I wasn't holding 5 sippy cups and snacks in my bag. I was holding  lipstick.  What is this life.

We were frolicking around without kids and it was WILD. Like, I wasn't holding 5 sippy cups and snacks in my bag. I was holding lipstick. What is this life.

The rhododendrons were in full bloom, too! Mental note - I need to plant some of these in my yard.

The rhododendrons were in full bloom, too! Mental note - I need to plant some of these in my yard.

I used Rent the Runway for a few of the reunion events and was pleasantly surprised! Will definitely be using that service again soon!

I used Rent the Runway for a few of the reunion events and was pleasantly surprised! Will definitely be using that service again soon!

Our view from up high. It was 55 degrees one morning when we woke up! with it being 90+ back in Atlanta, I wasn't mad about wearing a few layers.

Our view from up high. It was 55 degrees one morning when we woke up! with it being 90+ back in Atlanta, I wasn't mad about wearing a few layers.

The block made me think for a mere moment that we were in London ;)

The block made me think for a mere moment that we were in London ;)

Had to.

Had to.

Some of our BFFs from our time in Boston! It was the best to catch up.

Some of our BFFs from our time in Boston! It was the best to catch up.

On the final morning, Stevie and I had a bit of time before our flight so we trekked from our Copley Square hotel to THE cutest little coffee shop Thinking Cup, where we grabbed some to-go breakfast sandwiches and coffee and headed to the loveliest of Boston's parks, The Boston Common.

America's oldest park featuring trees planted from all over the world (an homage to the immigrant nation that we are), this park is very dear to my heart and always the perfect place to stroll, especially in good weather. The manicuring, the flowers, and the swans - its truly the perfect romantic setting for a movie. Mental note - pitch this location for a movie.

Anyway, we strolled. Whilst chomping down some breakfast sandwiches and taking photos of ducks for the boys (because, Make Way for Ducklings). And we took way too much time doing all this slow wandering and ended up having to haul it to make our flight on time. Which we did! But it was a little close.


Since we actually had time to talk without being interrupted on this particular morning, we spent our time in the Garden dreaming about the future. I don't know if anyone else does this, but when I travel I often find myself dreaming about what life would be like to live in that particular location. I wonder about where the good schools are, what people do with their kids for fun on the weekends, where the local cool places are to eat. In cities like this I wonder how people get around (train everywhere? Walk everywhere? Or still need a car?), how they function with 8 months of winter (yikes, bowl a lot??), and how different the life must be from my Atlanta suburb. Since we actually lived here years ago, the dreaming this time around got really specific, and Stevie and I couldn't help but talk about what it would be like to move back to Boston for a few years. There is just something so characteristic about New England, it will always take up some special space in our hearts.

But before we knew it, we were buckling our seat belts while we listened to the Delta safety information, and we were SO glad to be reunited with our boys just a few short hours after this morning in the Garden.

p.s. - that time I was gigantically pregnant in the Boston Public Garden.

TBT to That Time We Got Fancy in Newport, Rhode Island.

TBT to That Time We Got Fancy in Newport, Rhode Island.

I say it all sort of in jest, because we actually just took a school trip here a few years ago. Stevie was in business school and his class had an end-of-the-year formal in Newport. I didn't really know what to expect, being from the South and all, but oh. Newport. Oh.

It's a New England treasure, that's for sure.

It's not indicative of real life, that's for sure.

It's pretty ridiculous actually. And lovely. That's definitely for sure.

Go ahead and imagine a town full of Downton Abbey-esque things. Now go ahead and imagine something fancier. That's Newport.

We spent a day exploring Newport's old estates that used to house American tycoon families during their gilded-age summer holidays. The Vanderbilts, the Astors, the Wideners -  you know, they were palin' around, sharing gimlets in their bejeweled gowns and and probably throwing dollar bills into the oceans for fun and whatnot. Because you know, they were fancy like that.

The two most famous mansions in Newport are The Breakers and The Elms, so obviously we had to tour those. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to photograph inside the mansions, so I will forever have to just remember the ballroom after ballroom after sitting room after marble staircase after THOSE OCEAN VIEWS. It's almost unreal how these people lived. If you ever get the chance to boogie on up to Newport, DO IT. It's so worth the spectacular experience. And the gawking. You will probably walk around those estates with your mouth wide open, dumbfounded, like I did.

Good foliage was only the beginning.

 I mean. What are we, Europe or something?? THIS IS AMERICA. MERRRRIIICCAAA.

Imagine if that were your backyard. Just imagine.

Hmm which window shall I toss a pebble at? I think the 43rd shall do.

This photo reminds me that I need to Amazon Prime some baby gates STAT.

We lounged in the sunshine. We actually hadn't seen the light of day in a loooooong time before that trip. #bostonwinterssuck

Waaaaaaahhhhhh I miss my friends. Aren't they pretty.

Epic tree right there.

Dude huddle. They were probably discussing how to get out of touring some boring old houses.

Rich people lawn gnomes.

Oh the Memories.

We had a blast with our friends, most of whom used live a 5-minute walk from our little Cambridge apartment. These days, we are all spread across the country and the world. Now it's Facetime calls and email chains and planning trips just to have the pleasure of hanging out again. Life has changed in just a few short years.

But... (insert sweeping dramatic pause), we'll always have Newport. (<-- imagine that sentence spoken in a drawn-out accent. Something like when Phoebe met the in-laws for the first time.)

Oh wait, just a few more photos. Because this was the one time during the trip when we actually were fancy. Going to a ball and all. And I loved that dress and I'll never get to wear it again. So let me indulge. CUE GIRL MOMENT.

Stevie. Will forever remain an over-zealous youth grouper.

You can tell our camera was a bit older because of the fuzzy effect of the photos, but still. Ah the fancifulness. 

Did I make you want to go on some fancy mansion tours? Yeah me too. Now let's talk about the fact that I still live at my parents' house.

Last Week in Boston

View from the Top of the Hub, Boston's Prudential Center

Celebrate. Graduate. Move. 

Whew, what a week. I've been a bit tardy on the blog this week, but for a slew of excessively good reasons. We've been partying. Packing. Sometimes weeping. Laughing a good lot. Sleeping not a pinch. Eating and drinking with friends and family and taking in the last wonderful moments of our time here in Cambridge.

HBS Prom. For 30-year olds.

Dreams Come True, People.

This week something wondrous happened. My husband graduated from Harvard Business School with his MBA. I can brag on him because this is no small feat. I've been there to witness his journey every step of the way, watching his determination and discipline in utter amazement. Stevie spent years dreaming of going to Harvard for business. When we were dating, we would lay under the sun-soaked trees by the Sacramento River in Redding and dream about what it would be like if he actually got the chance to go to such a school; who we would meet, where we would live, and how we could possibly survive the cold winters in such a shivery, unknown city. It was a big dream. Some might think, "near impossible!" And yet this week, after two years of studying, learning about new industries, reflecting on societal conundrums, expanding his world view and rearranging his life, he walked across that stage at Baker Lawn, shook Dean Nitin Nhoria's hand and received that piece of paper he worked so hard for. Dream: Accomplished.

Our wonderful families came to visit, including my extra-special Auntie Shirley. She's an academic queen, she actually went to speak at another graduation the following day! She's too legit.

Ceremonies in Harvard Yard. You can't park you car in here. Too many fancy tufts of grass.

Congrats, Grad.

Stevie is a living example that dreams can absolutely come true. A dream just has to be paired with an enormous amount of self discipline, a drive to learn and a really encouraging support system. He is my absolute hero, because he didn't just show me that he can do something amazing. He taught me how I can do something equally as amazing, too, because when you work hard and keep a positive attitude, the world awaits your victory. There is much more I could share about his experience, about our time here in Boston, our love for this community and our fierce loyalty to this wonderful school that has changed our lives, but I'll stop short of becoming emotional and move on. Because with his graduation comes the other part: we are moving.

Last View out of our 4-story Window // Me: "Where did all our stuff go? And how did we fit it into this 9x9 space?? // Stevie: "I can fit inside our closet now... cool!" // Goodbye to 923 Mass Ave.

Move If You Wanna.

We spent yesterday moving out of our beloved TINY Boston abode. We loved our little place, where we often made late night cups of tea while he studied and watched TONS of movies during snow storms. We can only hope wherever we live next feels just as cozy and delicious to our homebody hearts. We moved everything we own (haha, it's not much) into a storage space for the summer because we are spending the next two months essentially goofing off and enjoying our last hurrah before the real world (read: WORK) starts. Most of you know what that means: On Tuesday, we leave this country for a month-long backpacking trip throughout Europe! Oh my we have bitten off more than we may be able to chew.

All I've got for the next 35 days. Is on my front and on my back. Gonna have to work on that posture under pressure.

Backpackers, On Balet!

So now, dear friends, I am writing to you from a very nice seat on a Greyhound bus, bound for New York City. Stevie is next to me, headphones in, and finally resting after our insane week. I hope he's dreaming of gelato. We will spend the next few days in the New York, meeting with brokers and checking out different potential neighborhoods to live. Fingers crossed that we are able to find an apartment, though all conventional wisdom has told us that is it too early to secure a rental for August. We shall see. August 1 is our move date. Did I mention to you that we are living out of our backpacks? For the next two months I have like, 7 shirts. I feel sort of like a hippie vagabond, homeless, void of stuff and armed with an insatiable travel bug. Ready to learn about the world's testimonial history of classical culture.

Thanks for being a boss reader! This adventure is about to heat up!

Love love love.

Cambridge. My Everest.

Well people. We went to Boston. Orientation happened. We are officially moving. (No turning back. We turned in a deposit.) The weekend was legit. We mixed. Mingled. We smiled, shook strangers' hands. We were walking resumes.


We actually met cool people. And the school wasn't pretentious. Not like I imagined. People were REAL. Impressive, yes. Accomplished, sure. Pure-bred academics. But they were actually cool, normal, FUN people. Got me more excited about moving to New England.

Not gonna lie. The gorgeous blossoming trees helped make the whole Boston/Cambridge experience slightly more magical. We basked in this glory. I also took a nap on a heavenly bench during our lunch break. Meeting that many people can really wear a girl out.

We walked Cambridge for an entire day straight, exploring the neighborhoods and trying to narrow down where we wanted to live. We looked at some awesome apartments and houses, and although we didn't sign a lease on anything yet, we definitely got a feel. We vibed the neighborhoods.

This is one of the apartments we took at peek at. But it was on the 3rd floor of someone's house, and the altitude made Stevie a little woozy.

So one morning we woke up and took a jog on the Charles River. We stopped on the HBS campus and, what else, threw a frisbee. That day we proceeded to walk EIGHT MILES throughout Cambridge. It was my Everest. My feet needed rehab when we got home.

The nighttime came quickly with all that walking. We made some friends and hung out in the downtown Cambridge area, known as Harvard Square. Harvard Square, right next to Harvard University, is about a mile from the HBS campus, and this is the home of the local watering holes. Bars, restaurants, shopping, and the occasional drunken Red Sox fan can be found here. In excess. Along with about a zillion historic buildings that dozens of our founding fathers frequented, lived in, or sneezed on. This city makes me want to pull out all my old childhood history books.

All in all, the orientation weekend gave us a really good picture of the lifestyle led by these MBA students. We found out about financial aid (jaw drop), and housing ("HOW much is rent in this area??"), the social life, and the academic load. We definitely saw the ups and the downs (hello, 6 months of winter.) However, we are more excited now than we ever have been. I feel confident that Stevie is going to come out of this school even more amazing that he already is, and I am thrilled for him. And for me, because I get to use the fancy on-campus gym. I'll tell you later about all the perks I get to indulge in... It's mega.

Oh, and apparently Stevie will be in class with Tyra Banks this year. Google it and let me know your thoughts. I'm just cracking up at the thought of him discussing fashion with her in class. Maybe she'll throw me some free swim suits. I'm gonna have a talk with her about the wonders of pasta and see how she reacts.

In the next week or so, I will start posting my virtual garage sale. Clothes, furniture, and random odds and ends that we have to get rid of in order to move. Read: EVERYTHING MUST GO. We are keeping our bed and dishes, and that's about it. So if you're in the business of furnishing something, be it a living room, closet, or storage shed, we might be the people you are interested in. No, actually we are the people you are interested in.

We are applying for Harvard-affiliated housing this week. It's basically the same process you use to register for college classes, but we are registering for some of their off-campus apartments. They are close to the school and pretty sweet. Pray that we get an amazing pick!

And last, but certainly not least - Lena Hunt, congrats on graduating with two graduate degrees. You make us (and Georgia State) so freaking proud to know you.

More details to come!