Fuchsia Silk & Navy Wool.

Spring has sprung! I don't know about you, but spring clothes always feel so refreshing and peppy. This little number is no exception, and I wore this out on a little day date with my man when the weather was just right. Clothing has been a little bit challenging lately, since I feel like a stranger in my own postpartum bod. I am continuously having to change the way I think about what I see in the mirror, to the point where I speak out loud positive things about myself. I sound like a self-help dweeb in my bathroom, but I'd rather be that instead of getting into a negative slump. Over time, feeling bad about your look can seep into every part of your life, and I am determined to keep my mind healthy while I have grace for my body as it continues to evolve.

It's easier said than done.

But let's talk more fun things! Like day dates and beer flights and cute clothes that make you feel like spring has arrived. I love this look because it's a fresh twist on some really solid classics. I am a big fan of blazers (I have a few too many in my closet) because they always feel appropriate and versatile and chic. This navy shade of the 1-button peplum blazer is ultra classic, with a preppy pattern and a tailored cut. And you can't really see it in these pics, but the collar has a gray felt lining underneath - if you're bold enough to pop a collar, this is the one you do it with! The mega bright fuchsia shade of this silk tank is my favorite - it's a great confidence booster when you need some lively color therapy! I know silk isn't really practical to wear around messy toddlers and babies, but that's why it's a good reprieve from my normal mom clothes. It's fun to wear something on a date that feels like you're on a date. These baby blue jeans (yes, they're maternity, still rockin' the maternity wear...) gives this outfit a playful edge, which I'm always a fan of. And of course, I had to pair it with my new golden flatform sandals because, well, my sister told me to.

When it comes to clothing, my sister is always right.

I love when clothes make me feel. This particular look made me feel confident, put-together and playful. Banana does a bang up job of creating pieces that look classy without going stodgy. And of course, they always hold up like a dream. Stevie has Banana shirts from when we were dating - and they look amazing, still. 

We spent this particular afternoon exploring a nearby downtown square, taste testing beer flights and sliders. And letting the season's pale sunshine warm our tired hearts. We are eagerly trying to soak up all the rest we can get these days (living with a toddler and a newborn is like getting your beauty sleep punked every single night), but since the shut eye is minimal, we figure the least we can do is steal a few hours away for a break every so often. And day dates really are my favorite!

What are your ideas for day dates? I would love some new ideas, especially since spring has emerged! Picnics, parks, flying kites - what do you do when you go on daytime dates? Would love to hear from you! xox

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Peak Lapel Peplum Blazer
Banana Republic Easy Care Double Sleeve Tank
Paige Maternity Jeans (past season, similar here and here)
Mossimo Nonie Metallic Flatform
Anthropologie earrings (sold out, similar here and here)
Stella & Dot "K" Necklace
Stella & Dot Engraved Necklace (Chain + Tags)

Many thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

3 Ways to Style a Springtime Scarf.

I laughed so hard when I found out Banana Republic was sending me some springtime items to share here on the blog. I mean, seven weeks ago, I gave birth. My very first thought was, this post-baby body isn't in any kind of shape to be modeling cute clothes!

But after a moment, I thought, shame on me.

That is a terrible attitude to have about this postpartum body of mine, this body that grew a beautiful, healthy baby boy. And then I realized that if my initial reaction about my post-baby body is so negative, there are probably a lot of women who think this way about themselves, too. And it's not okay!!! We have to celebrate the important things, like the gift of giving life to little humans, and have grace on ourselves for the process it takes to create a baby and to rehab from having a baby, too.

In fact, if anything this is the time to spend a little more time on clothes, just to help make the transition easier. It can be tricky to find pieces of clothing that are flattering during the postpartum phase, but I found that this white ruffle jacket and silk floral scarf create a fresh, elegant look. They highlight features that are beautiful on every woman - the face and the neck, all the while minimizing the areas that are still in flux for me (hello, those are maternity jeans I'm still wearing!)

I had so much fun playing around with this spring scarf that I decided to style it three different ways:

1. Around the neck.
This is my favorite way to wear one of these little scarves, because it feels so cheeky and elegant. And Audrey Hepburn worn them this way, case closed. Instead of a necklace, opt for folding your scarf until it is long and thin, then tying it loosely around your neck.

2. Tied in your hair.
I like this look tied up in a high ponytail, because it feels young and fresh, like I'm going to a sock hop. You can also try trying the scarf around a low bun or in a side braid - the options are endless!

I've got a little shadow ;)

I've got a little shadow ;)

3. Tied around a purse.
I have seen scarves on purses styled so many ways, and they're always fun and unexpected. I just tied this scarf on the handle of my bag to give the neutral palette a little pop of color. Isn't the kelly green just perfect?

Styling and photography by Rachel Hill.

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Ruffle Cotton Jacket, Banana Republic Geo Floral Small Square Scarf, Gap Maternity Jeggings, Stella & Dot Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet, Top (past season, similar style here)

Many thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Every Date Should Be Made of Clothes Like These.

Red Close Up Look Away Laughter PS.jpg

Look 1 - Banana Republic Floral Vee Dress (c/o) in Candy Teal, Banana Republic Nude Wedges (past season, similar here and here), assorted bangles, including Keani Found You Cuff in Rose Gold

Look 2 - Banana Republic Sleeveless Embroidered Bib Top (c/o) in Gold, Free People Rolled Crop Skinny Jean in Ella Wash, BCBG Heels (past season, similar here and here), Banana Republic Colorblock Clutch (past season, similar here and here), Anthropologie Glimpse Hoops, Nails are painted in Watermelon by Essie. Photos by the dreamy Stevie Hale.

You better believe that date night is sacred around here.

Before the days of a baby and a mortgage, date night happened easily and often. It was so easy to throw on a colorful top and my snazziest heels, toss a Nars lipstick in a clutch and enjoy wandering the city with my best friend. Date night was all wine, trying new restaurants, talking about dreams and making travel plans. When we lived in Atlanta, it was jazz at Churchill Grounds and dessert at Cafe Intermezzo. When we lived in Boston, it was dinner at Grafton Street and drinks at Plough and Stars. When we lived in New York City, it was making our way through every restaurant recommendation we received, which was a lot, believe me. We pretty much never stopped eating when we lived on the Upper West Side (thank goodness for all that walking!) Nowadays, with family priorities and increased career responsibilities and, you know, mowing the lawn, date night takes a little more intention and planning than it used to. But you know what hasn't changed? The thrill of getting dressed up, experimenting with a bold lipstick or messy updo and letting all that suburban responsibility go for an evening. Holding the hand of my best friend, grabbing a bite to eat and making those dreams happen. We might be getting a bit older, but the mystique of date night is actually growing sweeter with time. The added need for intention is actually making me more of a romantic these days.

When Banana Republic sent over these clothes, I knew they had hot date written all over them. I had so much fun getting dolled up and out of the house in this BR Floral Vee Dress and Embroidered Bib Top. I love how the dress moves and practically dances on its own, and I didn't even mean to pair it with an old pair of Banana wedges that I had in my closet, but they were just the best shoes with the dress, so there you go! I love the clever, elegant stitching and how the supple silk brushes against my skin (while I twirled around like a little girl - seriously, the feeling this dress gave me was that good.) The Bib Top is rich with gold pigment, which I probably wouldn't have chosen for my skin tone (because I fear turning yellow, it's a Italian girl thing), but I actually love it on, especially paired with this bold fuchsia lip color and clutch. These clothes just make me feel ladylike and adventurous, all at once. Just the kind of garments that elevate an occasion from "dinner" to "date" :)

I hope whatever stage you're in, wherever you live, whatever your responsibilities are, you take a moment away from all that and plan something intentionally special for your next date night. After all, there's no time like the present to grab that hand of your love and make all the plans you can. Over wine. And dessert. And maybe a cheese plate, too. Why are you waiting for a special occasion to get dressed up, friend? Date night is for dresses and heels and lipstick!

What are your go-to date night looks? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post and providing free product.. All opinions expressed are my own.