Happening Lately + Happy Links.

It's been quite a few weeks! Does anyone else feel that way? Gosh this Spring weather has me feeling all sorts of hopefulness about life. It's just wonderful. I wanted to share a few things we've been up to and some fun links around the web that are making me smile BIG this week.

This Little Collage:
Top Left: Colored my hair again. It's going from ombre to straight up bronde. // Top Right: I found roses growing in my yard. I almost cried because I almost BOUGHT SOME to grow this summer. Best discovery ever. // Bottom Left: My friend Liz brought over freshly picked organic strawberries. Because she's the sweetest human on this grand Earth. I made strawberry bread. // Bottom Right: As you know, Everett's puppy Oscar has been coming to life lately, even to the point of eating pizza with us. The most recent display of Oscar's independence was when Everett "took him potty". I wasn't pleased. But I was laughing. //

Happy Links!
The Target+Marimekko Line launching April 17. I want it all. Which isn't working out too well for my new "get rid of everything" philosophy, thanks to Marie Kondo.

Oh, and you want to know about Marie Kondo? She's the one making me throw everything out that doesn't "spark joy" anymore. This book and her disciplined approach to eliminating clutter will inspire you. And really mess with your closet.
Eagerly awaiting the release of the Sonnet James Spring Line which launches April 19. I am panting like a dog for another one of these dresses.

This gal's hair tutorials have me inspired. I don't have much time to get fancy, but when I have some unwashed day-old hair, I like to try out some of her braid inspirations.

I'm hosting a little Stella and Dot party at the end of this month (which is drool-worthy jewelry and accessories), and I wanted to share this link with all of you to join the fun virtually! I'm swooning over this leather wrap, this gold cuff, this split ring and these chandelier earrings. When you get to the check out screen, make sure to type in my name "Kristen Hale" as the hostess, because that gives me some credit for pointing you in their direction :) Happy shopping friends!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand finally, this cookbook is out, as of yesterday! I am a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow's previous cookbook's, because they are brimming with super healthy meals that taste really indulgent. I never feel like I'm "eating healthy" with her recipes - so excited for this new book!

Last but not least, I'm published! I'm super proud that my travel review of yurting at Sweetwater Creek State Park (though it's the tiniest article I've probably ever written) was published on Atlanta Magazine Online! Make sure to check it out and maybe leave a comment to make me look popular. P.S. You can check out more of my recently published work on this page. I even wrote a cover story on a 20-time Ironman athlete this month! The fun never stops over here, friends. Although the napping should probably start.

Happy linkage to you!

Watercolor Your Own Valentines Cards.

Watercolor Your Own Valentines Cards.

I've been doing this thing where I am actually trying to follow through with my New Years resolutions. It's actually kind of hard. Why is it such a struggle to do the things that are in my heart?! It shouldn't be. Especially because my resolutions were hilariously self-centered and with the purpose of intentionally having more fun. My whole philosophy this year was "set the bar low", so that I could be uber proud of myself. Ha. Now that I think of it, I have got to get to the gym this month...

Watercolor painting was one of my resolutions because it seems like a relatively easy (and beautiful!) way to ignite my creative brain. It's been a looooong time since I've gotten crafty, but I am, at my core, a creative individual. I know that if I take the time to be intentional and invest in myself creatively, it will be good for my soul. And probably my skin.

This is the moment where I should mention that I am not an excellent watercolor-er, but that is hardly the point of the exercise. This was fun. Who needs to be having more fun? Don't act like you didn't just raise your hand in your heart. On top of the whole, "Let's have fun by watercolor painting today!"-thing, I also really love giving people presents, so I decided to make my own watercolor Valentines this year. I was inspired to do this by my bff Natalie, because she used to make her own cards and it was SO evident that she put special effort and thought into each one. So I put my best effort forward and you should try it, too!

// Don't laugh at my picture. It was the exercise round and I was just blowing off steam. WHY AM I DEFENDING MY ART TO YOU. //

Watercoloring Your Valentines:

1. Set up your spot.

I laid down newspaper, set out my paint set & brushes, fetched a bit of water, and snagged some flowers for inspiration. When I say "snagged", I mean it. They weren't my flowers. They were my mom's from my dad. Side note, no matter how old you are, it just warms your heart from the inside out to know that daddy bought flowers for your mommy. Sigh.

2. Find a friend.

In my case, I convinced my sister to join me in this endeavor. And she is endlessly more creative and talented than I. No seriously - she actually painted those roses, I just copied stuff I found on Pinterest. But getting shown up by your sister is the best feeling. Because, you know, she's your sister and she's so cute it hurts. If she only knew.

3. Set the stage.

I'll admit it. We know how to party. We made my new favorite granny beverage, turned on some French Cafe Pandora and went to town on our feelings. And I've got the heartfelt cards to prove it. Okay, you could have basically done exactly what I did with a set of Sharpie markers from Walgreens, but just so you know, they are all hand-painted with watercolors. So there.

// I came up with this one all on my own. I'm actually quite proud. //

Fetch the Paints!

Do it! Paint your feelings! Make up cheesy sayings and put brush to paper! I guarantee that you will feel so fun and fancy free after doing so. And also, tell your dad to buy your mom flowers. Because somehow it will weirdly make you feel great, too.

Happy Valentining to you :)