My Dear Sister.

All photos on this post were taken by the talented, highly esteemed Sarah Massie, Mint & Honey Photography.

My Dear Sister. The Bride.

I have so many hopes and wishes for you. I hope you don't mind.

I wish for you all the happiness.

That your heart and your home would be effervescent with silly amounts of joy and laughter, all day, everyday, for all the days of your life.

That your dreams would remain in the forefront of your periphery and on the tips of your fingers. That every possible investment will be made into those dreams, which will turn to plans, which will turn to present, which will turn to experience, and crescendo into your most impacting memories.

That you would learn the patterns of a powerful partnership.

That you would invite Jesus to saturate this union of souls.

That you would, holding hands with your beloved, take risks that make you sweat.

That you would know when to not risk it all.

That you would be imaginative, free, overcome with the ease of being yourself.

That you would listen, always.

That your words would be gentle. Gentler than mine.

That you would know the elegant intimacy of only one other.

That you would allow your character to be challenged, vulnerable to his input, and therefore sharpened. Sharpened by questions, sharpened by encouragement, sharpened by a great many calls to action.

That your heart would remain intact, ever and always open. Don't hide it away, especially if you're hurting. Lay that wound open and figure out, together, how to help it heal.

That you would give everything you have. Give it all away. It's counter to our culture, but please dear, be counter to this culture we live in. Don't let today's ever-shifting society norms define this lifelong covenant.

May this wild, precious life of yours be marked with a legacy of wisdom, truth, generosity, joy, dreams fulfilled and a momentous partnership that looks to the Heavens for guidance.

My hope is that you will be given to, completely. That you will be honored. That you will be equally safe and challenged. That you will be well loved, celebrated in your best and worst moments, calmed down, cheered up, smiled at, embraced, cherished for who you are, pushed forward into your dreams, pushed even more forward to face your fears, and laughed with. I hope you laugh so much.

Make his happiness your priority, and may he do the same.

I am proud of you both. I believe in you both. I trust you both.

And it goes without saying, but I love you.

the sister of the bride.

P.S. - I love our sisterhood. May it blossom into the strongest, fiercest, tenderest support system for your new partnership to fulfill and flourish. And while I'm making some declarations, may I still be able to dip into your closet every now and then. Oh, may it be so. :)

All photos by Sarah Massie,  Mint & Honey Photography

All photos by Sarah Massie, Mint & Honey Photography