Easter Dress Roundup!

It's been a while since I did a style round up, and I had so much fun putting this one together! Easter is such an amazing holiday, and I admit I still get giddy about Easter dresses like a 5-year-old girl. I blame my mother - she let us wear the frilliest dresses to church for Easter when I was growing up and all that twirling can really go to a girl's head.

Also, I included a few rompers and pant suits because gosh, there are so many good ones these days. If I had a million dollars I would love to wear the Mara Hoffman romper this year, but I will actually probably just wear a dress in my closet. I have so many that have gone unworn for a while (omg my postpartum body is so crazy - what size even am I??) Also, if Kate Middleton can re-wear her dresses, then I think it's mighty princess-y to wear one of my old frocks. Plus, that leaves room in the budget for SHOES.

What are you wearing this Easter?! I'd love to hear what colors and styles you're gravitating toward this season! xx

Red Candy Striper.

Sj Red1.jpg
Sj Red2.jpg
SJ Red15.jpg
SJ red3.jpg
SJ Red5.jpg
SJ Red6.jpg
Sj Red7.jpg
SJ Red14.jpg
SJ Red11.jpg
SJ Red12.jpg
Sj Red9.jpg

Outfit Details:
Urban Outfitters Skimmer Cardigan (similar here and here), Sonnet James Reese Dress in Red, Sorel Tivoli Snow Boots, Diffusing Mamas Lotus Necklace

I scored this dress on sale during a December promo, and I keep finding reasons why I should wear it at least once per week. It's just so comfy and the color makes me feel really happy, like the happiest version of myself. It's perhaps the most versatile item in my closet right now. I've worn it with flats, heels, boots and with tights, under sweaters and completely by itself. I LOVE IT. I've had a long-standing adoration for Sonnet James since this brand started up a few years ago, and I truly think Whitney is an incredible artist with a powerful personal story. The motto of this brand is "Playful Dresses for Playful Moms", and I really connect with that mantra. I'm not always a playful mom, but when I remind myself of who I want to be as a mother, I am so much better at it. And everytime I put on a Sonnet James, I tell myself I am a playful mom! And then I'm happier and my kids are happier and then we usually eat ice cream because we're all just celebrating the happiness.

As for the dress itself - I love the fabric - it's a heavy-weight rayon blend and it just hugs the curves in a way that doesn't completely grab at your love handles, just nicely skims the bod so you feel like your best self. I'm serious when I say that I put this on and just feel so good about myself - I want to buy 10 more dresses in this fabric and cut. And while we're gushing, lets just take a minute to talk about this playsuit - I mean, how radical and whimsically fun is that? It's on my wish list. I could play real good in that.

Sonnet James is always a crowd pleaser in my closet. Although since I've gotten rid of so much lately (thanks a lot, Marie Kondo), it's not really crowded in there at all.

Happy Friday to you, friends! xx

The Very, Very Best Dress. (+ a Sonnet James Giveaway!)

I want to talk to you about Sonnet James. The dreamiest brand ever.

I stumbled upon this delightful brand because one of my favorite bloggers was the model for the look book a few years back. I was mesmerized by the dresses, all the striking colors and the careful, chic, and yet very playful tailoring, and I thought, “Hmm, I’ll remember that brand one day when I have a baby.”

That day came a bit sooner than I had planned.

Upon ordering and receiving two of these dresses in the mail, I was seriously hooked. And since I am an extrovert and I am obsessed with sharing my favorite things, I just HAVE to shout it from the rooftops – these dresses are my favorite dresses! I want every lady I know to experience the wonder of wearing an SJ dress!

Fabric. Fit. Feel.

Let’s talk about the fabric, the fit, and the feel. You know, the bread and butter.

Soft. Like, luxuriously soft. Fitted in all the right places. Loose and comfy in all the right places. It’s like I finally found a brand that understands my body type! I am short, petite and curvy. It’s really hard to fit into standard sizing when you’re a short gal with a booty that likes to hang around while the rest of me has already walked away. And yet! These dresses are just perrrrfect. I also really love the length. Keep scrolling, you will be able to see how it hits just above the ankle. Which is very very great, because most normal dresses and skirts tend to be way too long on me. Not these dresses!

Another wonderful element of this particular style is the fact that it is breastfeeding-friendly. I was a little wary of that fact when I bought the dress, but let me just tell you that the neckline bounces back from all the stretching and pulling that it has endured. And after every wash, it still looks brand new! Insert little praise emojis.

I also want to mention that although this brand was created under the premise of "playful dresses for playful moms", you most certainly DON'T have to be a mama to fall hard for these casual gowns. Because seriously, get a load of the tailoring. The styles are so adorable, I almost feel like you can sense the humor and a little wink of the eye in each dress.

Travel Buddy.

I am especially ecstatic to report that these dresses are THE JAM for traveling in. I wore them all over Madrid and Rome last month, and they were easier and more comfortable than anything I’ve ever worn on a plane. The length of the sleeves adds a bit of extra coverage and temperature-control for those chilly planes, and the soft material was a dream to sit in for hours on end. I paired these dresses with my trusty Keds, which really completed the “I’ve-died-and-arrived-in-comfort-Heaven” outfit for me.

It was kind of like wearing sweatpants. Except that I looked cute and felt even cuter. So, you know, it was better than wearing the sweatpants.

I'm wearing the Sonnet James  Florence Dress . Hat is Urban Outfitters (similar  here ), shoes are  Seychelles for Anthropologie  from last year, bracelets are a random assortment, including the Keani  Manta Mystique Found You Cuff , Ring is  Pandora . Everett is wearing  Baby Gap  Onesie and Pants. His shoes are  Freshly Picked  in Goldenrod. 

I'm wearing the Sonnet James Florence Dress. Hat is Urban Outfitters (similar here), shoes are Seychelles for Anthropologie from last year, bracelets are a random assortment, including the Keani Manta Mystique Found You Cuff, Ring is Pandora. Everett is wearing Baby Gap Onesie and Pants. His shoes are Freshly Picked in Goldenrod. 

Now For A Giveaway!

I wasn’t asked to promote this brand. SJ doesn’t need my promotion. I hunted them down and smothered them with my adoration. I truly love the brand and I am thrilled out of my mind to have the opportunity to partner with SJ to give away a dress to one lucky Oy!  reader!

How can you win? Enter using the Rafflecopter below! And gooooooooood luck to you, friends!

Happy Valentines Day Gift Picks

Happy Valentines Day Gift Guide

Happy Valentines Day Gift Guide by oykristen // 1. Freshly Picked Carryall // 2. Kate Spade for Keds Linen Champions // 3. Terrain Locket // 4. Terrain Hydrangea Earrings // 5. Anthropologie Butterfly Potholders // 6. Sonnet James Isabel Dress // 1. Sundance Billiard Bottle Stopper // 2. The Drunken Botanist // 3. Jeni's Berries + Chocolate Collection // 4. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar // 5. Michael Kors Tie // 6. Williams-Sonoma Copper Mug //

Happy Valentines Day Gift Picks.

The conversation in our household about Valentines Day went a little something like this:

Me: "If I bought you a cuff, would you wear it?"

Him: "A cuff?"

Me: "Yeah, a cuff. Like a bracelet... but like, a man's bracelet. Leather and such. A man cuff."

Him: (After a long pause) "Probably not."

Just so you know, I was was referring to something woodsy and awesome, much like this or this (but obviously, something a fraction of the price), but clearly, such a gnarly item would not have been appreciated by my uninterested husband.

Instead, here are a few gifts that probably would work. Both for him and for her :)

For Her:

1. Freshly Picked Carryall

This brand has pretty much stabbed my wallet in the heart. Everything is SO GORGEOUS. Just take all my money. And my pride. But give me this leathery salt water taffy goodness.

2. Kate Spade for Keds Linen Champions

Keds are the best everyday sneaker. I've been living in mine, although this collaboration with Kate Spade is making me want, nay, need another pair.

3. Terrain Locket

Ooh la la. The enamel is a mod twist on the traditional locket, and I like it.  

4. Terrain Hydrangea Earrings

How gorgeous are these? This is such a very delicate and beautiful gift, perfect for your sweetheart!

5. Anthropologie Butterfly Potholders

Some women take offense to kitchen-related gifts. I am not one of those women. But manfolk, make sure your woman is one of those women who also loves kitchen play before you purchase these for her. And maybe throw in a jaunty little spatula while you're at it. For the spanking. I'M JUST KIDDING.

6. Sonnet James Isabel Dress

This brand is a new obsession of mine. "Playful dresses for playful moms", and they are so adorable! Breastfeeding-friendly, easy to clean and suuuuuuper cute. I mean, look at all that color-blocking. The days of mom jeans are over (praise report!) This little number is high on my list for sure. I'm a sucker for some strong marketing.

For Him:

1. Sundance Billiard Bottle Stopper

This is a rad toy for a rad boy.

 2. The Drunken Botanist

This is why we should all be gardeners. 

3. Jeni's Berries + Chocolate Collection

This is a seriously great gift. My hubby loves ice cream. He would DIG THIS.

4. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar

The trendiest chocolate. Russell Stover is for SUCKERS.

5. Michael Kors Tie

For the dapper laddie in your life. Some men gotta suit up, might as well help them dress the part.

6. Williams-Sonoma Copper Mug

Don't you like to imagine that your dream man is sipping his morning coffee out of this? Like, atop a mountain? In a rugged flannel shirt? Yep. Yep yep yep.

I hope you have a happy time shopping for your love!