Rollerblading in Blue.

This post is sponsored by Pinkblush. All opinions are my own.

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Pinkblush Blue Leaf Print Maxi Dress, Stella & Dot Cuff (sold out, similar here), Stella & Dot Covet Letter Necklace, K2 Women's Kinetic 80 Inline Skate

Summertime, Summertime!

So here's the deal. I loved rollerblading as a kid - I used to turn on the radio and blade in circles in my parents garage. Sometimes I threw in a wild figure 8. And those hours logged in the garage listening to the Backstreet Boys is how I learned to blade backwards and do spins and whatnot. Now that summer is in full effect over here, our little family has been spending a considerable amount of time outside in the evenings when the sun isn't quite so blazing hot (seriously Georgia give it a rest.) Everett is adamant that I teach him how to roller blade, but I think I will just let him focus on learning to ride a bike at this point ;) But there is something about rollerblading that is intrinsic to my childhood, and it connect me to my young self in a way that nothing else does. It's physical, it's hard, it's sweaty - it's fun! And that has been our summer so far - all of those things!

In continuation of the summer dress up series, I wanted to share this adorable Blue Leaf Print Maxi Dress from Pinkblush because it's truly such a good summer time option when the heat almost too much to bear. I discovered Pinkblush when I was pregnant because of all their maternity dresses, but I've continued loving their women's clothing since my body has changed so much over the years between being pregnant, postpartum, getting back to a somewhat "normal", and then doing the whole thing over again with baby #2. These clothes just seem to "get" the motherhood bod and the site's variety of prints and cuts helps me feel fresh without breaking the bank, which obviously - I love.

My favorite part about this dress is the cut out and the slit because - hello, air pockets! Plus, the slit really let me be free whilst blading to my heart's merriment. And you don't have to pair this dress with rollerblades - a regular pair of sandals will do just fine, you just might not win as many bonus points from your kids ;)

What dresses are helping you stay cool in this summer heat?

My 5 Casual Fall Must-Haves.

Many thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Ruffle-Cuff Flannel Shirt (c/o), Springwood High-Waisted Jeans (sold out, similar here and here), Banana Republic Demi Slides (c/o), Stella & Dot Covet Letter Necklace

It's that time of year. The autumn clothes come out of storage and we dance around the bedroom together as I imagine the adventures we shall have in the coming season. Wait, you don't do that? Welllllllll let's be honest - my day-to-day wardrobe requires very little style and very big comfort & flexibility. But in my heart I am still stylish, even when I'm rocking the seasoned topknot (some days, very seasoned) and gym sweats (many times, never actually making it to the gym.) Truthfully, the art of oscillating between wrangling kids, creating content for this blog and erranding around town, all while lifting my big boys in and out of the car (okay, for those of you who know me, it's mostly the golf cart) - it doesn't require style. Or beauty. Or even teeth brushing.

But we all know that we feel so much better about ourselves if we take a little time to re-fashion the dirty hair from a topknot into say, a twisty Disney-princess situation (see above for my effort.) And we feel better when we have a few go-to items in the wardrobe that are casual but can still be on point for the season. You feel me?

My Casual Fall Must-Haves:
1. Wear-with-everything Flannel Shirt.
We all need one of these go-to tops. It literally goes with everything in my closet and is never a bad idea. Paired with high-waisted jeans? Yes! Tucked into a mini or midi skirt? Yes! Worn over leggings with sneakers? YES. That last one is my particular favorite Saturday morning brunch uniform. I love this version by Banana this season because it is crazy soft and hello - those sleeve ruffles! It's like a sweet little upgrade to the traditional flannel and this one has already been on heavy rotation over here. Banana also has one in this color that I am putting in the shopping cart now...

2. High-waisted (okay, mom-waisted) Skinny Jeans.
These are my new go-to jeans. I love the multiple buttons and the frayed hem at the ankles. So fun and a nice change from my regular skinny jeans. These look great with tops tucked in at the front but they will also look great with a bodysuit underneath and cropped sweaters this fall. Hey, early 90's, I'm fully embracing your return. Gimme dat chunky choker while you're at it.

3. Roaring flats.
How fun are these? I have been on the hunt for a leopard print flat for a while now because I think it can add an unexpected twist to any outfit. When I saw these Banana flat mules I was instantly in love. These are casual enough to wear with any denim, but can also be dressed up with almost any neutral shade or even, gasp, RED.

4. Simple Jewels.
Seeing that I have kids that find my jewelry as appetizing as I find birthday cake, I can't actually wear most of my dangly, chunky or trendy stuff around them. So for my day-to-day I keep it simple with the earrings that Stevie got me for our 10-year anniversary and this Stella & Dot Covet necklace he gave me in the hospital when Daxton was born. Both of these items are so dear to my heart and make me feel super loved, so I love wearing them daily. Plus they go with everything so BONUS.

5. A Magical Multistick.
I've talked about this a lot in my recent Green Beauty Trials posts, but I am loving this ILIA Multistick in the shade "At Last"! You seriously have to get one. This shade works on anyone's skin tone and you can swipe it on your eyes, lips and cheeks in less than 30 seconds and feel completely put together. It's a must have for those casual days when you are throwing yourself together in a few minutes but still want to look and feel fresh for the day ahead.

There you have it! As we transition into Fall, these are the items that I won't be without. What are your autumn must-haves?

P.S. - I've been toying around with working on a fall capsule wardrobe and I'm curious if that's something you're interested in hearing about. Let me know in the comments!

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