Happy Mothers Day Gift Guide

Happy Mothers Day Gift Guide

Happy Mothers Day Gift Guide by oykristen

She deserves a present. 

I was doing a little happy hunting for my mom for Mothers Day and I thought I would share a few fun picks that inspired me. Friends, don't forget, Mother's Day is May 10! Waiting until last minute normally doesn't pan out too well (plus, all the good cards are taken!), so make sure to plan a bit early. You still have time to score an amazing, thoughtful and pampering gift for that woman who BIRTHED YOU. Mom, if you're reading this, you aren't getting any of these - the surprise shall remain intact.

1. Diptyque Gardenia Candle

These delicious candles are totally a luxury and they smell ahhhhhmazing. They feel like a decadent gift because it's not really the kind of thing you would ever buy yourself. But to receive as a gift? Well that's just fancy pants. Include along with a vial of bath salts and you might just win the kid-of-the-year award for this one.

2. Terrain Hydrangea Petal Cuff

My mom would rock this cuff so hard. It's so pretty and delicate, and yet the bronze material is sturdy and tough. Wow. A metaphor for moms everywhere - pretty, delicate, sturdy, tough. I'M WRITING THE POEM FOR YOUR MOTHER'S DAY CARD RIGHT HERE. Copy and paste. You're welcome.

3. Rifle Paper Co. Vintage Blossoms Notebook Set

This is such a goodie. If someone gave me anything Rifle Paper Company, I would melt. These products are just so frilly and inspiring. And let's face it, moms everywhere could use a pretty journal. We have thoughts.


Anthropologie Papua Fedora

Because there is very little in life that can say what a peach fedora can say. (In case you're wondering, it says I LOVE YOUR SWAG, MOM in that hushed powdery shade).

5. Terrain Zinc Sphere Hanging Basket

You could put a plant in this one and really knock her socks off. Who doesn't want a bit of green earth hanging in the corner of the room? INSTANT ATMOSPHERE BOOSTER.

6. Anthropologie Color-Daze Scarf

This scarf makes me want to eat a Popsicle. Here mom, have a popsicle scarf.

7. Sundance Glass Jewelry Box

A dainty home for all the necklaces you've given her for the past ten Mother's Days. 

May 10! May 10! May 10! DON'T FORGET!!! K you've been fairly warned. May 10. Mom's day for the win.

Happy Valentines Day Gift Picks

Happy Valentines Day Gift Guide

Happy Valentines Day Gift Guide by oykristen // 1. Freshly Picked Carryall // 2. Kate Spade for Keds Linen Champions // 3. Terrain Locket // 4. Terrain Hydrangea Earrings // 5. Anthropologie Butterfly Potholders // 6. Sonnet James Isabel Dress // 1. Sundance Billiard Bottle Stopper // 2. The Drunken Botanist // 3. Jeni's Berries + Chocolate Collection // 4. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar // 5. Michael Kors Tie // 6. Williams-Sonoma Copper Mug //

Happy Valentines Day Gift Picks.

The conversation in our household about Valentines Day went a little something like this:

Me: "If I bought you a cuff, would you wear it?"

Him: "A cuff?"

Me: "Yeah, a cuff. Like a bracelet... but like, a man's bracelet. Leather and such. A man cuff."

Him: (After a long pause) "Probably not."

Just so you know, I was was referring to something woodsy and awesome, much like this or this (but obviously, something a fraction of the price), but clearly, such a gnarly item would not have been appreciated by my uninterested husband.

Instead, here are a few gifts that probably would work. Both for him and for her :)

For Her:

1. Freshly Picked Carryall

This brand has pretty much stabbed my wallet in the heart. Everything is SO GORGEOUS. Just take all my money. And my pride. But give me this leathery salt water taffy goodness.

2. Kate Spade for Keds Linen Champions

Keds are the best everyday sneaker. I've been living in mine, although this collaboration with Kate Spade is making me want, nay, need another pair.

3. Terrain Locket

Ooh la la. The enamel is a mod twist on the traditional locket, and I like it.  

4. Terrain Hydrangea Earrings

How gorgeous are these? This is such a very delicate and beautiful gift, perfect for your sweetheart!

5. Anthropologie Butterfly Potholders

Some women take offense to kitchen-related gifts. I am not one of those women. But manfolk, make sure your woman is one of those women who also loves kitchen play before you purchase these for her. And maybe throw in a jaunty little spatula while you're at it. For the spanking. I'M JUST KIDDING.

6. Sonnet James Isabel Dress

This brand is a new obsession of mine. "Playful dresses for playful moms", and they are so adorable! Breastfeeding-friendly, easy to clean and suuuuuuper cute. I mean, look at all that color-blocking. The days of mom jeans are over (praise report!) This little number is high on my list for sure. I'm a sucker for some strong marketing.

For Him:

1. Sundance Billiard Bottle Stopper

This is a rad toy for a rad boy.

 2. The Drunken Botanist

This is why we should all be gardeners. 

3. Jeni's Berries + Chocolate Collection

This is a seriously great gift. My hubby loves ice cream. He would DIG THIS.

4. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar

The trendiest chocolate. Russell Stover is for SUCKERS.

5. Michael Kors Tie

For the dapper laddie in your life. Some men gotta suit up, might as well help them dress the part.

6. Williams-Sonoma Copper Mug

Don't you like to imagine that your dream man is sipping his morning coffee out of this? Like, atop a mountain? In a rugged flannel shirt? Yep. Yep yep yep.

I hope you have a happy time shopping for your love!

For My Valentine: Gift Guide

For My Valentine: Gift Guide

For My Valentine: Gift Guide by oykristen // 1. Anthropologie Painted Poppies iPhone 5C Case // 2. John Mark Comer's Loveology // 3. Anthropologie Origami Swan Necklace // 4. Kate Spade New York Secret Garden Stud // 5. Paper Source Awesome Gold Foil Card // 6. Terrain Made With Love Spoon // 7. Anthropologie Peony Pop Bathrobe // 8. Aerie Silky Chiffon Tank // 9. Aeri Silky Chiffon Boxer // 10. Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker With Automatic Milk Frother //

Happy Valentines, Valentine.

Oh Valentines Day. Some years I think that this is such a silly holiday. But this year, I am thankful for a frivolous reason to celebrate, especially with the weather being so dreary. (I haven't complained enough about the weather, have I??) There's just something nice about all that fluffyness and flowers and the relentless red and pink. And I think it's especially fun to love on people around you - your grandmother, your nieces and nephews, your in-laws. It's a grand affection fest! So dip your toes in this ocean of loving potion and have some fun with it.

These are some fun gift ideas for that special someone. PS, that can be YOU! You're worth celebrating, my friend.

1. Anthropologie Painted Poppies iPhone 5C Case

Adorable, who wouldn't want their phone decked out in such whimsy?

2. John Mark Comer's Loveology

Great read. This is one Seattle pastor's take on the theology of love, sex, and marriage. Woo hoo, getting crazy!

3. Anthropologie Origami Swan Necklace

A bit pricey, but oh so unique. A worthy splurge, if I could :-)

4. Kate Spade New York Secret Garden Stud

Does Kate Spade ever get it wrong? These are the peppiest way to perk up the ears. A little sparkle thrown in for good measure.

5. Paper Source Awesome Gold Foil Card

All cards should be this awesome. And bright. And foiled.

6. Terrain Made With Love Spoon

This one makes me giggle. I would really like to whip this out on an unexpected day for a heaping of baking bliss.

7. Anthropologie Peony Pop Bathrobe

Oh, I'm lusting. I want this with a fiery passion. The photo doesn't do it justice. I took at peek at it in-store and it is just sooooo decadent and soft. Such a pretty way to lounge, yes?

8. & 9. Aerie Silky Chiffon Tank & Boxer

How adorable is this set? Again, I'm not one for a fancy night out on Valentines. Just a good movie and comfy, semi-frilly home clothes.

10. Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker With Automatic Milk Frother

This is the big kahuna. If you've ever had a Nespresso espresso beverage, you've officially died and gone to Heaven. When we were in Paris this summer, the couple we stayed with (via airbnb) had one of these delicious contraptions. I made like, 2 espressos every day. And I've been craving it every since. If this were a Valentine gift, ooh baby... I don't know what I would do. Other than stay hopped up on lattes 24/7.

Ladies, just send your guy this link and (hopefully!) he will snag something good for your Valentine celebration this year.

Happy Gifting!

Noel: Gift Guide For the Dapper Lad

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Dapper Light

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Dapper Light by knhale // 1. Allen Edmonds Shaker Heights Plain-toe Butcher Lace-up Men's Dress Boot // 2. Leatherman Juice C2 Tool // 3. Terrain Buffalo Plaid Trapper Hat // 4. Sundance Sojourner Socks // 5. Sundance Magnetic BBQ Tool Light // 6. Banana Republic Slim-Fit Checkered Luxe-brushed Twill Shirt // 7. Stanley Flask // 8. Terrain Boulder Mug // 9. Steinbeck Centennial Boxed Set  // 10. Williams Sonoma Agate Rimmed Coasters // 11. Terrain Popcorn Popper //

For the Dapper Lad.

He's your guy. And you want to get him something spectacular, but... he's a guy. Which means you can hardly read his mind and you're sure that he cannot read yours. So how to surprise him with something truly wonderful?

In my experience, gift shopping for men at Christmastime is the greatest challenge. Inheriting about a zillion brothers made me acutely aware of how little I actually know about the hobbies of the opposite sex. Over the years, I've learned a bit of bro talk (okay, not really), and had a bit more insight into the dude world. It's extremely different from the fluffy feminine gifts I like to buy. However, I've come to love gift shopping for my dad(s), brothers, and of course my husband. The above items could outfit and impress a range of different kinds of men, and I know that they would be a smashing success. How? Trial and error, my friends. Trial and error. So go ahead, reap from the benefits of some tried-and-true surefire GRAND Christmas gifts that your strong, funny, manly man will absolutely love.

Happy Gifting!