The Llama Dress.



Llama dress (30% off this weekend!), Target flats, Warby Parker "Louise" glasses, Amazon handbag, Stella & Dot Covet letter necklace, hand-made earrings from a shop in Santa Barbara (similar here and here!), Axiology lipstick in "Bonafide"

I kind of flipped when I was browsing after my bronzing appointment and saw this dress hanging on the rack at Raw Bronzing Studio. Most people don't know that Raw carries an incredible collection of unique clothing, chic home goods and boho accessories, and I love shopping there because it feels like an island oasis. This dress was a must-grab, because I think it will be a great fall transitional piece. This is coming from the girl that is trying, oh so trying, to wrap my head around putting together a fall capsule wardrobe. I'll keep you posted if I can get it together ;) If you are local to me, don't forget to use the code OYKRISTEN when you visit Raw at the southside location - you can score 25% off your first full-body organic spray tan! But back to this dress - I am in love. Plus, every time I walk, I feel like the little llamas on the skirt are dancing right along there with me. Bonus points in my book if your clothes dance.

Stevie and I went on a little date night to shop for some antiques and try out a new-to-us Italian restaurant, and he snapped these photos really quickly outside of a cool vintage shop. I have to mention that I love my Warby Parker Louise glasses in the Rosewater shade - I've had them for a few years and miiiight just be ready for another color! If you haven't tried it before, their Home Try On program is so easy and wonderful to use. I might be doing it again this fall because I really love these lenses and LOVE the prices. I've been a glasses wearer since I was in 4th grade, so I've had lots of experience over the years wearing glasses and contacts - this has been my favorite pair ever!

Unfortunately we didn't find any antiques that we agreed on because our styles could not be more different, but I think we came to some good conclusions about the direction we are moving in! I am having so much fun doing some home decor makeovers and I can't wait to share the results with you all super soon!

Happy Labor Day weekend to you! Stay safe friends!


Through These Rose-Colored Glasses.

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I have a choice every morning. To thank my God above for another opportunity to live and breathe and laugh. Or to get overwhelmed by the weighty troubles of the world.

It seems like every time I turn on the news, there's another reason to want to lock my doors and hold my babies close, my prayers infused with anxiety and my heart trampled with the ache of another trauma. But I know that is just my fear masquerading as "logic", when in fact, the best thing I can do is raise my little people up to be strong and unafraid. Each morning is teeming with an opportunity to accept grace for the day. I am reminded each morning when I'm driving my son to school and I'm suddenly blinded by the sunflare piercing through the mighty maple trees in my neighborhood. "This isn't a day to fear," it seems to remind to me. "This is a day to celebrate the beauty of your life."

My Dad used to tell me that I live in "Kristen land". Apparently I often had my head up in the clouds, believing and dreaming for things to always go in my favor. He used to tease slash roll his eyes at me about it, thinking that I was sometimes a naive about reality. But I would just shrug my shoulders at him and say, "It's not bad in Kristen land. Come on over."

When I saw these rosy glasses at Warby Parker, I was immediately reminded of my Dad's jest in poking fun at me. But these glasses made me think of that "Kristen land", a place of hope and silliness and fun and perhaps a slight lack of reality. But still. In this day and age, is it so bad to see the world through rose-colored glasses? "I'll take them," I told the saleswoman. I smile every time I wear them.

Friends, we have a choice today. Is life beautiful, or awful? Perhaps it's a bit of both, depending on what you pay attention to. But there is grace today to put on a new set of glasses and see things a bit rosier. Thank your maker for the opportunity to breathe deep and see things how he sees them. I like to think it's a litttttttle bit rosy, like over here in Kristen land ;)


Featured Piece:

Warby Parker Louise Glasses (small) in Rosewater

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.44.16 PM.png

Outfit Details:
Warby Parker Louise glasses in small Rosewater, Anthropologie skirt (sold out, similar here), Urban Outfitters cami (past season, similar here), Halogen lace-up flats, Banana Republic clutch (past season, similar here), Fab'rik Keyhole bralette (similar below), ILIA multistick on my lips and cheeks in shade "A Fine Romance"