Tour of New England (Part 2): York, Maine

York by the Sea.

Maine is a really special place. Nestled into weathered crags by the sea, The Nubble Lighthouse shines from Maine's Cape Neddick into the wide expanse of the Atlantic. The Lighthouse sits atop a small island that hails from the quaint community of York, also known for being a summery seaside haven. You've probably seen photographs of this Lighthouse before; it's a famous landmark often found on the front of postcards showcasing the salty purity of ocean-side America. Stevie and I dragged our friends John and Tricia up to the lighthouse on our Tour de New England. Although the wind almost blew us off the cliff, it was a worthy sight to see. This blustery day was chiseled with nautical romance as we wandered around and imagined that ships were passing by in search of treasure (as I'm sure many have before.) The rocky shoreline, the icy water, the soaring winds; they were all there to greet us. Oy.

// Fun Fact //

When NASA sent the Voyager II into space to photograph the outer solar system, it also sent a bevy of artifacts and photographs to share just in case the astronauts encountered extraterrestrials. One of those photographs was of The Nubble Lighthouse. I find this bit of information particularly humorous. Those guys at NASA must have been Boy Scouts; I admire their efforts to "always be prepared."

// "The Way Life Should Be: Open For Business" Mmm so deep, Maine. //

A Maine Must.

If you ever get the chance to visit this part of the country, don't forgo the opportunity to pay homage to this lighthouse. The wind-whipped beacon is steeped in historyurban legend and a coastal charm that only Maine can boast.