TASTE: Pecan Pear Chicken Salad (With Greek Yogurt instead of Mayo!)

Pecan Pear Chicken Salad.

This idea just came to me one (hungry) day. I had roasted chicken leftovers and I wanted to do something with them, so I thought... chicken salad! Yes! But in an attempt to lighten it up a bit, I swapped the creamy mayo with Greek yogurt (and used less, too.) The pecans and pear addition are a nice nod to autumnal flavor, making this a great lunch idea. Now that I think about it... this is the perfect addition to my at-home tea time lunches! Now all I need is a girlfriend here who wants to indulge with me... tea time, anyone?? Really... anyone...?


- 1 cup cooked, shredded chicken

- 1 small pear, chopped

- 1/4 cup pecans

- 1/8 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

- 2 (heaping) tbsp. plain Greek yogurt

- Pepper (to taste)

- Ginger (to taste)

- honey (just a drizzle)


- 1/4 sliced avocado

- 2 slices multi-grain bread (or a tortilla)


1. Combine the shredded chicken, chopped pear, pecans, cheese & yogurt. Mix them all in a bowl and add a pinch of pepper and ginger.

2. I chose to make a sandwich, so I topped a slice of multi-grain bread with the chicken salad and added some sliced avocado on top (for funsies.) Drizzle with some honey, it absolutely tops off the taste.

Note: you can also put the chicken salad in a tortilla or on top of a salad. Yum!

Enjoy your yummy autumn-inspired lunch!