My Whole30 Diary. Part 3.
Whole30 week 3 whole30 diary burned out. I didn't think we could eat out anywhere, but after talking to a few Whole30 veterans (who this? Yes. I am gratefully annoyed. Anyone doing Whole30 want to chime in? How's it going for you clear-minded, without that foggy, grogginess. I guess that could be attributed to this Whole30 gig This is it! Week three of my Whole30 experience! You can read about why I'm doing Whole30 here. Day whole30 with the Whole30 today. Then I got a hankering for toast that ailed my soul and left me wanting My Whole30 Diary. Part 3.
My Whole30 Diary. Part 2.
Whole30 here. Day 8. Breakfast: Omelet. Coffee. Fruit. Lunch: Chicken Salad, greek style. Dinner: Salmon - everything else is Whole30 compliant!) and a Greek chicken salad. I have my friend Kathleen over today and I am somehow talking her into doing Whole30. I'm not even sure if I mean to be Whole30 Whole30 Diary This is the continued documentation of my Whole30 experience. You can read about why I'm doing Apple Sauce and Kale Salad. This dinner meal has quickly become one of my favorites on Whole30. And Whole30 Week 2 My Whole30 Diary. Part 2.
My Whole30 Diary. Part 1.
My Whole30 Diary. Part 1. tea in my hand. Ugh. Snack (which is totally off the Whole30 plan but seriously, this plan sucks . This was an interesting day to be on Whole30 because I attended a brunch at an awesome brunchy really wasn't. At this point it was just decided: I'm doing Whole30, and I can't have that right now. So because of Whole30, because I love her and she is so fun to celebrate and our kids will one day Whole30 Whole30 Diary that about while on Whole30. I decided that if I have to eat this every day for a month for lunch, I Whole30 recap
My Whole30 Diary. Part 4.
This was the final push - the 4th and final week of my Whole30 experience. You can read about why I'm doing Whole30 here. Day 22. I went into this week knowing it was going to be a big one. Really blessing to stop eating Whole30 before his trip. This was the beginning of a slew of business trips Whole30 Diary Part 4 Whole30 Whole30 Diary really didn't want that for him either. So he prepared to break the Whole30 commitment a little early for the week. There was also an emotional component of losing my Whole30 buddy, because I gave him my My Whole30 Diary. Part 4.
Whole30 Quick Reference Meal Guide.
some of my favorite and most-prepared meals. You can find all my favorite Whole30 meals throughout would make it super easy for those of you who want a quick reference for exclusively Whole30 recipes Whole30 Whole30 Eats . This is an easy way to find what you're looking for over and over again if you're on Whole30 and needing to cook a lot :) I will continue to add to this post as I share Whole30 recipes that become Whole30 Food Whole30 Meal Ideas Whole30 Quick Reference Meal Guide. Since I just completed my round 2 of Whole30, I thought I would go ahead and share a quick guide to Whole30 Quick Reference Meal Guide
To-Go Breakfast Egg Bites (Whole30 approved!)
Whole30 recipe to Atlanta to work or to the airport to travel - it's really hard to do Whole30 when your work Whole30 Whoooooooooole30!!! This is the 3rd time that I've done Whole30 and I learn more with each round Whole30 approved you want to make these non-Whole30 style, they are even more fabulous with less eggs and some half options? Check out my freezer-friendly Breakfast Burritos :) P.P.S. - More Whole30 recipes here!   To-Go Breakfast Egg Bites (Whole30 approved!)
Life After Whole30 (+ My 3 Biggest Takeaways)
already work. So yeah, I had some low moments, in the midst of Whole30. And that doesn't even include Whole30 My 3 Biggest Takeaways from Whole30 Life After Whole30 Life After Whole30 (+ My 3 Biggest Takeaways) Whole30 Recap of way. Because the Whole30 discipline is such a healthy way to approach food and fitness and overall . My biggest, most positive takeaways from my Whole30 experience: 1. I think about what I put in my Life after Whole30 is weird. It's actually kind of ruined my life. But in a really wholesome kind mouth. Whole30 taught me to read the labels on my food products. Instead of grabbing something because
Almond Butter Energy "Milkshake" (Whole30 Compliant!)
During Whole30, you aren't really supposed to indulge in anything sweet. In fact, the whole purpose glass or two smaller servings. Go on with your bad self. Happy Whole30 to you! P.S. - My 3 year old Whole30 of Whole30 is to "slay the sugar dragon", and detox your body from it's incessant desire for sugar Almond Butter Energy "Milkshake" (Whole30 Compliant!) . But if I hadn't made a few gateway "treats", I wouldn't have survived Whole30 either time I did it energy! All the ingredients included are Whole30 compliant, so it's technically safe, but be aware that Whole30 compliant
Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti with Chicken-Herb Meatballs (Whole30 Compliant!)
Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti with Chicken-Herb Meatballs (Whole30 Compliant!) Whole30 recipe Whole30 This is my second time around doing Whole30, and I'm starting to get into the rhythm of cooking in Whole30-compliant and delicious.) Top with meatballs and fresh oregano or parsley. Bon Appetit! P.S. - More about my Whole30 journey here.
Pork Chops & Spiced Apple Sauce (a Whole30 recipe!)
Whole30 recipe doing another round of Whole30 (not anytime soon, in a few months) so I wanted to unearth a few of my ! Happy cooking, friends! P.S. - If anyone has done Whole30 while breastfeeding, I would love to This is one of my favorite recipes from doing Whole30 last year. I am gearing up in my mind for Whole30 Whole30 recipee Pork Chops & Spiced Apple Sauce (a Whole30 recipe!) . Stevie asked for this one over and over when we were on Whole30, and we've continued to make it since loved about Whole30 - everything we ate on the program was real, fresh whole foods. Lots of veggies Whole30 compliant
Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash.
fringe benefit that this meal is completely Whole30-compliant! #winning Ingredients: - 1 yellowing When I started doing Whole30 this time around, I asked on my Instagram for recipe recommendations Whole30 Whole30-compliant meals that we have been eating. I'll be sharing that next week, so keep an eye out! them to cook together. P.S. - I'm working on a Whole30 meal reference guide that will house all the Whole30 Breakfast Whole30 Meal
On Why I'm Doing Whole30. And What Happens on Day 3.
Whole30 recipes this month that hopefully rock my world and don't taste like a boot. I've actually Whole30 Day3 Whole30 coffin is that I kind of had to force Stevie to do Whole30 with me. It's so much better if couples do On Why I'm Doing Whole30. And What Happens on Day 3. So I am doing Whole30 (which I mentioned in my resolutions post), a wellness plan that focuses on do it. But oh. It comes at a cost, guys. I am on day 3 of Whole30. And I feel *so* angry. SO ANGRY done Whole30? What was your experience? Anyone currently doing it? Let's talk recipes! P.S. - My Whole30 Diary from the first week.
Happening Lately + Thank You!
Whole30 . This photo was taken pre-Whole30. Fear not, dairy police. I wanted to take a moment to say an extra and visit the bush each day. I'm officially on my last week of Whole30, you guys. I can't believe it
Chicken-Apple Sausage + Spinach Frittata
of thing. Avocado is basically the perfect replacement for cheese in a Whole30/Paleo situation, so I Whole30 since beginning Whole30 - this breakfast frittata. I have literally never made a frittata before this Whole30 Day 12 ! Very satisfying. For all of you who are curious about Whole30 and whether you can actually eat "good I am on Day 12 of Whole30. Needless to say, that means the menu in my household has looked quite
Bacon, Spinach & Shallot Quiche.
Pulled Barbecue Chicken Tacos (in the slowwwcooker!)
converted into a Whole30-compliant dish with a few minor switches (swap the tortillas for lettuce wraps (or if you're on the Whole30 train, you could swap these for lettuce wraps) - salt and pepper to Whole30 compliant
My 2016 Resolutions.
Whole30 and I are beginning the Whole30 challenge TODAY, and I welcome anyone who wants to join me. It's a
Live Like No One Else.
happier lifestyle. Whole30 was really hard because it absolutely challenged my norms- wine at night implement. It was a learning experience. Then came Whole30, a food experiment that had me hyper , chocolate everyday (duh), carbs when I need a fast snack. Those things weren't Whole30-approved, and Whole30 resources. All of these things - intentional October, Whole30, Financial Peace University - they have am a better woman, wife and mom because of that food experiment. And we are still eating Whole30
Your Favorite Posts from 2017.
. High Tea at the Atlanta St. Regis! 4. Whole30 Quick Reference Meal Guide 5. Green Beauty Trials like Whole30 recipes so I'll make sure to continue to include the ones I really vet and love. My -visit. So here you go! Your favorites from 2017! 1. Pork Chops & Spiced Apple Sauce (a Whole30 Meal
diner-style breakfast (which was a bit challenging, since we are still on Whole30), and then got . Gosh, this Whole30 is getting hard. I'll stop whining though. Pictures!!! I know the entire East Coast
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